May 2021



‘Fingers crossed, the Community Centre might be opening soon! The school will be open for the Assembly elections and logically you’d think it would open for the sorts of activities we used to run before. We are starting to plan some of those events now.

There are rumours circulating that Malltraeth Ymlaen is planning to demolish the school. That’s nonsense.

We’ve been conducting a survey of what you want for a future community centre – it’s been running for a while now. The survey is available online here: If you haven’t completed the survey, why not do it now?

So far 98 % of you have voted for the school to be repaired and put into use as a Community Centre. So why would anyone think or allege that we’re about to demolish and go against the wishes of the community?

We’ve got two groups considering the options of repair versus demolish and new build and you can see their workings here: So far, demolition seems utterly absurd - as we’ve said all along. So, for common decency to all, the repair option is far better, costs less, and seems just as cheap to run.’


'Croesi bysedd, efallai y bydd y Ganolfan Gymunedol yn agor yn fuan! Bydd yr ysgol ar agor ar gyfer etholiadau'r Cynulliad ac, yn rhesymegol, byddech chi'n disgwyl iddi fod ar agor ar gyfer y mathau o weithgareddau roedden ni'n arfer eu cynnal o'r blaen. Rydyn ni’n dechrau cynllunio rhai o'r digwyddiadau hynny nawr.

Mae si ar led bod Malltraeth Ymlaen yn bwriadu dymchwel yr ysgol. Mae hynny'n nonsens.

Rydyn ni wedi bod yn cynnal arolwg o'r hyn rydych ei eisiau ar gyfer canolfan gymunedol yn y dyfodol - mae wedi bod yn rhedeg ers sbel erbyn hyn. Mae'r arolwg ar gael ar-lein yma: Os nad ydych wedi cwblhau'r arolwg, beth am ei wneud nawr?

Hyd yn hyn mae 98% ohonoch wedi pleidleisio i'r ysgol gael ei hatgyweirio a'i defnyddio fel Canolfan Gymunedol. Felly pam fyddai unrhyw un yn meddwl neu'n honni ein bod ar fin dymchwel yr adeilad a mynd yn groes i ddymuniadau'r gymuned?

Mae gennym ddau grŵp sy’n ystyried yr opsiwn o atgyweirio o’i gymharu â’r opsiwn o ddymchwel ac adeiladu o’r newydd, a gallwch weld eu canlyniadau yma: Hyd yn hyn, mae dymchwel yn ymddangos yn hollol hurt - fel rydyn ni wedi ei ddweud o’r cychwyn. Felly, er parch i bawb, mae'r opsiwn atgyweirio yn llawer gwell, mae'n costio llai, ac mae'n ymddangos yr un mor rhad i'w gyflawni.'


Church News

The churches within our parish of Bro Cadwaladr have begun to re-open. Last Sunday St. Beuno, Aberffraw was open for a service, but because numbers were restricted, we had to have a booking system for those who wished to attend. Llangadwaladr church will have a service next Sunday at 11.15 a.m. There will be a service there every 2nd and 4th Sunday in the month, and every 1st and 3rd Sunday in Aberffraw. 

A Zoom service will still be available every Sunday at 9.30 a.m. for those unable to get to church (meeting  ID : 96047279244 Password: 338222 )


Mae’r eglwysi yn ein plwyf, sef Bro Cadwaladr, wedi dechrau ail-agor. Ddydd Sul diwethaf, roedd Eglwys St. Beuno, Aberffraw ar agor ar gyfer gwasanaeth, ond gan fod y niferoedd wedi’u cyfyngu, bu’n rhaid i ni greu system archebu ar gyfer y rhai a oedd yn dymuno bod yn bresennol. Cynhelir gwasanaeth yno bob ail a phedwerydd dydd Sul yn y mis, ac ar y dydd Sul cyntaf a’r trydydd yn Aberffraw. 

Bydd gwasanaeth yn dal i fod ar gael dros Zoom bob dydd Sul am 9.30am i’r rhai sy’n methu â chyrraedd yr eglwys. (cyfeirnod y cyfarfod: 96047279244 Cyfrinair: 338222 )


Over 50s Club  sent in by Roz Smith

Once again – no news – but hopefully not too long now before we can meet again.

Just waiting for Anglesey County Council to allow us access to our Community Centre.

We hope to be welcoming some new members to our long awaited next meeting.

This Group is open to everyone – bring your partner.

If an indoor meeting seems too far off we will arrange an out-door event – maybe at a local cafe. We will pass the word around as usual.


Clwb Dros 50 oed. Anfonwyd gan Roz Smith

Unwaith eto - dim newyddion - ond gobeithio na fydd yn rhaid i ni aros yn rhy hir eto cyn i ni allu cwrdd.

Rydym ni’n aros i Gyngor Sir Ynys Môn ganiatáu i ni gael mynediad i'n Canolfan Gymunedol.

Gobeithio y cawn groesawu ambell i aelod newydd i’n cyfarfod nesaf hir-ddisgwyliedig.

Mae'r Grŵp hwn yn agored i bawb - dewch â'ch partner.

Os mae cyfarfod dan do’n teimlo’n rhy bell i ffwrdd, byddwn yn trefnu digwyddiad yn yr awyr agored - mewn caffi lleol o bosibl. Byddwn yn rhannu’r neges yn ôl yr arfer.



150 Club : Don’t forget to get your ticket for the draws which will be resuming before too long now.  Proceeds will help to fund the Christmas Lunch for the elderly of the community.


Keeping Active Fund

All 100 propagator boxes have gone to their new homes.  These little seedlings have been grown by the children in the crèche.   They have sun flowers, sweet peas and a small salad crop which are going in Hannah’s garden at home, where the children are meeting at present.

With the discount earned for bulk buys there was enough money left to buy some plants for the village boxes.  Keep a look out as you pass through – more colour will show as they grow!  Thank you to those of you who helped and kept watering, not that it is needed at the moment!






Well what a year we have had !!!!

Hopefully the lockdown is coming to an end and we will be let out to meet together, in sunshine and blue skies.

Bodorgan WI have continued meeting every month on Zoom, this has enabled us to meet up and have a good chat and catch-up and see all the friendly laughing faces that we miss so much. This lifted all of our spirits.

The Zoom meetings have been interesting and varied. We had a quiz which was great fun, with many varied questions. ( too much laughter to be serious. )

We did manage to meet up between the lockdowns to have Afternoon tea in the garden, socially distanced of course. A feast was provided, each member bringing something that they had made, everything was delicious.

Craft zooms: not easy on zoom but we all managed to make beautiful Valentine Cards, and Easter decorations.

We were given a glimpse into working with the slum children in India, And also a talk on the exotic bird life in Costa Rica.

Socially distanced walks were organised for anyone to join, bit of healthy exercise .

We are really privileged to live on this beautiful island and the health and strength to enjoy it.  What better place to be locked down for a year?

Please consider coming to join us in the Bodorgan WI. We really are a very happy , outgoing friendly group of ladies, who would love you to join us.

Come and try it, I am sure you won t be disappointed!


                                God Bless you always x

                                              Monica Morris


From : Councillor Bryan Owen:

We are in the pre election lockdown period, therefore not much else is happening at the moment .

The covid -19 situation is much better and things are looking like we can get back to some sort of normality in the next month or so.


Gan y Cynghorydd Bryan Owen: Rydym ni yn y cyfnod clo cyn yr etholiad, felly nid oes llawer o bethau eraill yn digwydd ar hyn o bryd.

Mae’r sefyllfa Covid-19 yn llawer gwell ac mae pethau’n dechrau edrych fel y byddwn yn gallu dychwelyd at ryw fath o normalrwydd yn ystod y mis nesaf.