MERRY CHRISTMAS (ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE A TURKEY !) Our situation continues to change almost on a daily basis. Having seen the news about events in the large cities, we can be thankful that we live where we do. Even if Christmas dinner has to be postponed, we still have plenty of choice when it comes to getting out for a walk and enjoying the scenery. You only have to look at Philip Snow’s contribution to realise what is on our doorstep. Meanwhile, the long awaited vaccine is finally becoming available, with a second product likely to follow soon. Although the next wave of Covid has arrived, the existing vaccine is believed to be just as effective with the new strain, and we are definitely in a better position than we were at the beginning of the year. We now have a much better idea of what we are dealing with, and appropriate measures have been put in place. ( Having said that, I still couldn’t help wondering why it was considered safe to have a glass of Coke with a pub meal, but not a glass of wine – or in my case a pint of Peroni? )



I’m afraid that COVID is taking a great deal of the officers’ time, however things are much better here on the island compared to the rest of the country. A pilot scheme for the roll out of the vaccine started on Wednesday the 17th. Also series testing in schools and colleges will start in January.Schools are educating the pupils from a distance, and Wales is now on level 4. Businesses - The minister has announced that business rates in Wales will not be subject to inflationary increases in 2021. HMRC are still working on the lorry park with three sites identified in the Holyhead area plus plans for a stacking system on the A55.



We have reached the end of the season of Advent ( final Sunday in Advent was Dec 20th.) Advent is a time of preparation in the church calendar - preparation for the coming of the Lord on Christmas day and at the end of time. In the light of the latest developments in the Covid outbreak, all Church Services have been cancelled. (.Many people now tune into Zoom services or services on T.V. or on Radio Cymru and Radio 4.)
We have three Zoom services planned for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Sunday December 27th

Christmas Eve 6.00pm - A Christmas Service for All Ages. Naomi Wood, our Diocesan Children and Families Ministry Officer, will be joining us.All are welcome to join us! Please have an A4 or rectangle of paper and a pen or pencil to hand. Extended families with children and grandchildren especially welcome – pass the word and the link around! Christmas Morning 9.30am – A Short Service of Carols and Prayer for Christmas Day.

Sunday December 27th 9.30am – A Service for Synod Môn together. The zoom link you need for all three of these services is:

Meeting ID: 960 4727 9244

Password: 338222

Looking forward to seeing you all and to celebrate Christmas joyfully and with hope despite the serious circumstances around us. I wish you all and all of your families a happy and blessed Christmas.


150 CLUB

The final draw for 2020 has now taken place, winners are as follows:-

Judy Coe ( £25 ), Sue Pearson ( £20 ), Cyril Jones ( £20 ), Huw Farrar ( £15 ), Bianca Patterson ( £ 15 ) The total raised for 2020 was £760, of which £380 has been distributed in prize money . The other half was earmarked for the annual pensioners’ Christmas lunch, but the current Covid-19 restrictions prevented this from happening, so the proceeds will be held back until we can organise an alternative event. The 2020 subscribers’ list was well down on the previous year’s total, due mainly to the lack of opportunities to recruit subscribers during lockdown. Hopefully we can do better in 2021. To add your name to the list, please enter your details on to the form provided on the website. Alternatively send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The subscription list will remain open until the end of January, at which time the prize values will be announced.

Remember - the longer the list, the better the prizes !



A second meeting of the newly formed Playground Committee was held at Pritchard Jones Institute on Nov 16th. Progress to date :- The relevant bank account forms have now been signed, and once these have been processed by the Bank we will be able to move forward on funding applications. The keys should be available by Nov. 20th, and then the Committee can do a detailed inventory of the equipment in the park. Eglas have kindly agreed to remove any damaged equipment or rotten timber free of charge, and NRW have already promised to supply replacement timber where necessary. . Our ambition is to reopen the facility in the Spring, and with that in mind the Committee will contact Ysgol Santes Dwynwen to see if we can involve their pupils in the refurbishment process.



The thousands of Green (Lapwing) & Golden Plover on the estuary and Bont Farm fields continue to mesmerise us with their aerobatics, even if largely employed for avoiding Peregrines and Merlins. Their aerial ballets can almost resemble Starling 'Murmurations' at times - not that they can compete with RSPB Malltraeth Marsh at Cors Ddyga, where up to a possible one & a half million Starlings can currently be seen pouring in at dusk! (Although not always that many, as large roost flocks can break up and reform in winter.) 


Red Squirrels continue to attract visitors to Llyn Parc Mawr, and it was amusing to watch this one waiting, with an equally impatient Gt-spotted Woodpecker, for a turn down on the feeders!



Sadly, that typical winter casualty of rough seas, a dead, young Grey Seal stranded on the shore, is itself now food for resident Common Buzzard, and the usual Ravens, Carrion Crows & gulls. (Dog owners will be pleased to know it has once again been washed back into the sea, after our unsuccessful attempts to do the same). Seals only rarely fish in the estuary in winter, being much more at home out on the rocky coast. 

I personally love Raptors (birds of prey) not for their rapacious habits, but speed, elegance and sheer mastery of the skies, and we have a good few here in the winter, reflecting the large amounts of prey species. They range from the fastest critter on earth, the Peregrine, to some of the slowest and most elegant fliers, the harriers. Male & female Hen Harriers might look very different, but their slow, canting flight just above the salt marsh vegetation also needs great mastery of the air if they are not to 'stall'. Now that Mon has nesting Marsh Harriers again, watch out for their very variable plumage, too.


Please find attached Card pic, all the very best at what used to be - at least for us oldies - Christ-Mass! And, believe it or not, it will all eventually get better....

God bless


PHILIP SNOW BA = New, updated Site!

'The Design & Origin of Birds' DayOne Books UK/USA

Facebook: Philip Snow Art

Facebook: Creation of Evolution 

Malltraeth Anglesey N Wales UK LL62 5AT



Following the resignation of the 10 Directors who were attempting to close Malltraeth Ymlaen, we now have seven people who have volunteered to act as co-opted directors until we can have a properly (and openly!) conducted election process. Their names are listed on the MY website, and fortunately two of them – Pat Dobbie and Maxine Aust – have volunteered for the two most demanding posts of Company Secretary and Treasurer respectively. The Articles of Association for MY allow for a total of 11 Directors, so if you would like to contribute to the success of MY, and are prepared are prepared to spare some time, please put your name forward. If the list is oversubscribed, the members of MY will be invited to vote for their preferred candidates. Any registered member of MY is invited to stand as a candidate. This includes the 10 directors who recently resigned, the only requirement is that they must first register as members .

Meanwhile, the task of recovering the £20,000|+ that was removed from the MY bank account continues




 Remember sunny days? These pictures were taken at Lynn Parc Mawr on September 30th.

(For the benefit of keen photographers, Howard was using a Canon Powershot SX50 HS camera.)


LEIN AMLWCH – from Walter Davies       

The splendid news is that 2020 has been one of the best years yet in the Lein Amlwch sequence of events. In spite of the effects of Covid 19 on all of us, the line has seen more vegetation clearance, opening of culverts and bridge repairs than at any time in our history. We are winning ! As always we must thank Roy Ashworth, our resident artist from day one, for evoking the memories of the immortal ‘push and pull’ train at the water supply tank near Pont Ffartri.

Thanks Roy, and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all who read this ! ! Please visit our Lein Amlwch facebook page for updates, and if you have some time and enthusiasm to spare, why not become a member?



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from the Support Group.


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