A warm welcome was given by the Chairman to all residents and guests who attended the meeting.

PRESENT: Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Chris Rogers (Secretary), Capell Aris, Peter Garbutt, Andrew Hughes, Peter Garbutt, Gareth Evans

APOLOGIES: Margaret Rarity-Hughes, Peter Hughes, Mike & Carole Germany, Glenys Jones, Cei Jones, Hilary Cooke, Cathleen Beavis, Gwilym Davies, Neil Muir, Mary Bulmer, Gill Smith

CO-OPTED MEMBERS: Cllr B Owen, Cllr P Rogers

PLUS Dr Simeon Wood

15+ residents in attendance


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 25 September 2019 & MATTERS ARISING: PCSO Alison Williams met with Dafydd on Friday 18 October.

Minutes were approved as a true record of events and were unanimously accepted by the group.

POLICING: No PCSO in attendance

BODORGAN EXERCISE CLASSES FOR OER 50s: Very successful there are a core group of 20+ which should ensure the class is sustainable long term.

COMMUNITY DEFIBRILLATOR: now located at Rhos who will cover electrical costs of cabinet. Malltraeth Ymlaen to pay for an outside cabinet and register it with ambulance service. Suggested a stainless-steel cabinet is purchased.

XMAS LUNCH: Dafydd meeting with Hilary and Maggie to finalise arrangements.

EXERCISE CLASS: No class on Monday 28th October. So far there have been 17 sessions which have cost £799 with an income of £711 therefore so far, the net cost is £88 leaving £912 of the grant left. Should be sustainable for the next 2-3 years.

COMMUNITY CENTRE: Public meeting held on 21 October. Expression of Interest form ready to forward to Ashhurst Solicitors, which will request three years exclusive rights to centre from County Council. Pat Dobbie to approach B&Q and Huws Gray about donating paint to brighten centre up. Jackie Griffiths resigned from marketing community centre. Helen Jenner and Jude Williams to take on the marketing of the centre however they need to liaise with Jackie Griffiths re position of social media accounts, etc.

Dr Simeon Wood gave a brief outline of modular buildings. Indicated there were a variety of systems and life span could be up to 130 years. He indicated that the current building could be demolished but re-using best bits in a new build. He did indicate that it would be cheaper to demolish and have a new build.

WEBSITE: Again, thanks given to Capell Aris for his efficiency in keeping Malltraeth Ymlaen’s website up to date. Capell to look into setting up an events manager contact page on website.

ALFEST:  Jude Williams was congratulated and thanked for the huge amount raised in aid of Ysbyty Gwynedd’s ICU - £5435.21

COMMUNITY ISSUES: Cllr Peter Rogers & Bryan Owen have written to the Welsh Auditor asking for a full enquiry into the breeches of the constitution in the appointment of a new Depuy Chief Executive – Dylan Williams. They also highlighted the deficiencies in the appointment of the new Chief Executive.

Highlighted that their concerns related to procedure and not personnel.

Linda West enquiring as to situation of road widening in Bethel as her deeds are still with council solicitor for land purchase.

Waiting for double yellow lines in Malltraeth and Bethel.

Development consent order for Wylfa delayed until March 2020.


  • Every Thursday – 7 pm Bodorgan Community Bingo
  • Every Saturday – 9 am Llanddwyn Parkrun – free inc. parking
  • RVS lunch club, every other Tuesday (next lunch 5 November must pre-book)
  • Bodorgan WI – first Tuesday in the month Crist Y Brenin
  • Bodorgan ‘Over 50s’ – third Tuesday each month 2 pm (next one Oct)
  • 25th October Community Coffee morning 10 am – 12 pm
  • 29th November – Christmas tabletop sale community centre 10 am – 2 pm (all processed to Bodorgan Community Centre
  • Christmas Fair Crist Y Brenin Saturday 30th November 10 am to 12.30 pm



  • Christine Garbutt - Tapestry project now finished. Available to view on Friday in community centre. Frame with Perspex being made to display tapestry and photos to be sent to various organisations in area.
  • Peter Garbutt – made reference to Welsh Audit report on Community Council – Dafydd made it clear that this has been dealt with to the satisfaction of the Audit officer and the matter is now closed.
  • Margaret Price – reported that litter has been picked up at junction to Bethel. Bryan thanked.


1st prize           £30      No 283                        Dr Lyon

2nd prize           £20      No 248                        John Griffiths

3rd prize           £15      No 287                        Carolyn Evans

4th prize           £15      No 259                        Kash Chera – (Jude Williams to deliver)