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A warm welcome was given by the Chairman to all residents and guests who attended the meeting.

PRESENT: Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Ann Perkins, Gwilym Davies, Peter Garbutt, Alwyn Rowlands, Andrew Hughes, Gareth Evans, Aled Roberts

Cllrs Peter Rogers & Bryan Owen and 8 residents were also present.

APOLOGIES Sheila Jones, Rachel Sayer, Cyril & Barbara Jones, Jeff Hughes,  Dr & Mrs S Lyon, Glenys Jones, Eric Haworth, Julie Hind, Richard Cole, Peter & Margaret Rarity-Hughes, Su Pearson, Carol & Mike Germany, Alan & Gill Smith, Chris Rogers, Cassie Long, Hilary Cooke.

The meeting referred to Dr Eric Haworth’s recent illness and wished him well.


Minutes were approved as a true record and unanimously agreed by the group.

  • Alwyn & Judith were congratulated on their hard work in arranging the event at Gwel Ynys on the 26th August in aid of Breast Cancer UK – they raised £1761
  • The meeting expressed disgust at the way Alwyn had been dealt with by the County Council enforcement contractors – Kingdom Services which will be followed up by the two Councillors.

POLICING MATTERS: PCSO Alison Williams had spoken to Dafydd earlier in the day to confirm that she would be present, but it was assumed that her absence was due to work commitments.

FOURTEEN PROJECT: Dafydd reported that we were still awaiting developments and were assuming that the delay could be due to the change of Chief Executive at the Foundation. There is in excess of £80K unallocated.

HALLOWEEN DISCO: all arrangements are now in place for the event on Tuesday the 31st October, largely due to the work of Judith and Alwyn.

COUNTY COUNCIL BUDGET CONSULTATION: this will take place in the near future. There was concern about the recent statements about the need for a 5% increase year on year for the next four years. The issue of increasing the revenue costs at the time of cuts was discussed as well as the action to cut the pay of the lowest grades but not management. Dafydd was authorised to respond to the consultation on behalf of the group.

CORRESPONDENCE WITH KIRSTY WILLIAMS, EDUCATION MINISTER:  Dafydd reported on the exchange of letters with the Minister and which schools are designated as rural schools on Anglesey. There was a discussion on the community facilities and their importance to this community. It was resolved to await further developments.

PENSIONERS CHRISTMAS LUNCH:  Dafydd reported that arranging it was a four way process and due to difficulties in one area could lead to the date been changed to the 12th December – this should be known within a couple of days [Now confirmed as Tuesday the 12th December].

VIDEO EVENING: to be arranged by Dafydd (delayed due to other commitments on his part for which he apologised)

FUTURE EVENTS: - to be arranged with a concert around the time of St David’s day suggested. Alwyn will follow that up.                               


  • The sewage leak on the B4422 near the pumping station at Dewis Dyddyn. Raw sewage in the road.
  • Capell enquired about the Bethel road improvements and Dafydd and Alwyn reiterated what was agreed with the Council Leader. Cllr Peter Rogers and Bryan Owen confirmed that everything was now in place except the funding but the scheme is included in next year’s draft budget.


  • Every Thursday – 7 pm Bodorgan Community Bingo
  • Friday 29th September – Coffee morning in aid of Macmillan at the school 10-30am till 11-30, parking at the rear of the school.
  • Saturday 7th October – fund raising for Parkinson disease at Wellmans – 60’s & 70’s night
  • Tuesday 31st October – Children’s Disco @ 6-15pm, Community Centre
  • Saturday 2nd December, Christmas Fair, Crist y Brenin Church, Malltraeth from 10am until 12-30
  • Tuesday 12th December, Pensioners Christmas lunch, 12noon.


  • Dafydd read out a letter he had received from a Glynne Owen from Bootle. It was a lengthy but very interesting letter basically enquiring about some knowledge regarding his late father who was born and raised in Hermon. Also, whether records still existed at the school regarding admissions in the late thirties/early forties – (yes they still have them). Gwilym Davies knew the family very well and was in school with his late father and happy for Glynne to contact him. [This has happened and they are meeting up in Liverpool on the 29th] The letter also declared that Glynne’s son was prepared to supply and install a modern security system on the premises free in memory of his grandfather. His generosity was appreciated.
  • Christine Garbutt reported that the first tapestry session had occurred on Tuesday evening, with a further five sessions arranged before Christmas, all at the community centre at 7pm. (Second and fourth Tuesday in October and November and the second in December)
  • Capell enquired about the community website. Dafydd is having difficulties with Menter Mon. Ann Perkins explained the reasons for that as the IT person has been made redundant. It was resolved that we should pay to have it restored. Dafydd has most of it on an external hard drive. Dafydd to approach Charles Harvey to see if he can undertake the necessary work to have it restored.
  • Helen thanked Gwilym for his donations to the community bingo
  • To try to arrange for a talk from the North Wales Police Cyber Crime unit
  • Thanks were expressed for the work of the two councillors and Alison in dealing with the social problem at Bethel, which is now resolved.

150 CLUB 2017:

DRAW 6         1st prize            £30      No 229                        Margaret E Williams, Malltraeth

                        2nd prize           £20      No 204                        Glenys Jones, Malltraeth

                        3rd prize            £20      No 315                        Dafydd Jones.

                                                                                    (Donated to general funds).

Dafydd thanked Alwyn for taking notes of the meeting in the absence of Sheila and Chris