A warm welcome was given by the Chairman to all residents and guests who attended the meeting.

PRESENT: Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Ann Perkins,  Gwilym Davies, Peter Garbutt, Eric Haworth, Andrew Hughes, Rachel Sayer, Gareth Evans, Helen Evans, Alwyn Rowlands (Acting Secretary).

APOLOGIES: Jeff Hughes (Treasurer), Sheila Jones (Secretary), Margaret Rarity-Hughes, , Chris Rogers,  Glenys Jones, Julie Hind, Su Pearson, Kate Lemon, Vicky Harvey, Ceinwen Jones,  Richard Coe.

CO-OPTED MEMBERS: Cllr Peter Rogers

17 members in attendance


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 23 NOVEMBER 2016 & MATTERS ARISING: Minutes were accepted as a true record.  All present agreed. There were no matters arising from the minutes.

POLICING:  PCSO’s Alison Williams and Marcia Hughes were welcomed to the meeting.

Andrew Hughes raised the matter of disorder in Bethel and Alison responded that she was fully aware of it and was dealing with the matter.

Helen raised the issue of parking on the pavement at Morawelon.

Dr Lyon raised the dangers arising from vehicles parked on the yellow hatchings outside the school, and in particular the difficulties encountered by vehicles travelling towards Bethel having to enter the bend unsighted. Alison is due to visit the school next week and will address the matter. Marcia explained how the problem had been tackled at Gwalchmai by utilising the pupils.
Hilary referred to the difficulties encountered with refuse vehicles, in particular at Newborough due to vehicles parked illegally. Peter Rogers said that he had requested the attendance of Parking Officers but nothing had happened since his request despite a promise that they would attend. Alison, responded by stating that she had been requesting action for ten years. Peter Rogers will follow up this matter.

CHRISTMAS EVENTS:  There was a brief discussion of the pensioner’s lunch and Santa’s grotto. Ideas were put forward on how to build on the success of the grotto. Alwyn, Judith and Peter were thanked.

BROADBAND SPEEDS: Capell Aris gave a short update and will liaise with Dafydd to arrange a public meeting to receive a presentation and discussion with Peter Williams (an Assembly employee). There was further discussions regarding poor mobile phone signals in large parts of the community.

FOURTEEN PROGRAMME:  Dafydd reported that he Alwyn and Sheila had met with Foundation staff before Christmas and that a decision was still awaited on our application for 4 concerts and a Community Fun Day. Scottish awards had been mentioned as the criteria are to apply universally across all fourteen areas. There was a discussion as to how the narrow criteria stifled creative ideas that would benefit the local community.

There was then a lively exchange of ideas for the remaining funds and of the projects that have failed to deliver.

Alwyn and Peter outlined the window box idea

2017- “150 club”: An appeal was made for support in both the sale of numbers and their purchase.

EVENTS/IDEAS: the chair requested ideas for future events/activities. Christine Garwood outlined her ideas for a tapestry which would illustrate the history of Bro Aberffraw and that she is developing the idea with members of the Bodorgan WI.

VIDEO PROJECT – UPDATE: Dafydd reported that filming had completed and the editing of this video is in progress and should be completed soon. Mrs Kathleen Beavis requested a public showing of the video, and it was confirmed that it would be arranged.

CELEBRATION EVENT: Alwyn confirmed that a concert would be held on the 24th of June with performances from the Brothers McGee and Wil Tan. The community fun day will be on the same afternoon and he appealed for help with stalls – cakes/crafts etc.

COMMUNITY ISSUES: Cllr Peter Rogers outlined the significant difficulties experienced by the education sector, and in particular the secondary schools. This because of funding issues arising out of a complex funding formula that no one appears to have a clear understanding of. There are threats of staff reductions which would clearly impinge on education. There is a clear link between education and social mobility, and other social issues seen today.

There was a brief discussion of the new school at Newborough and Ann Perkins referred to its designated status. There were no other issues raised.


Every Thursday – 7pm – Bodorgan Community Bingo


  • Dafydd raised the issue of the extensive mud on the A4080 in the vicinity of Gwel Ynys and past Rhos towards the school. This is apparently caused by a contractor who is working in the vicinity of the railway tunnel. Peter Rogers will have a look tonight and Dafydd to contact the Public Rights of Way Officer as the public footpath is badly damaged if not completely blocked.

There being no other business the meeting was closed after agreeing the date of the next meeting.


WEDNESDAY 22nd February 2017 AT 7.00 PM