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WEDNESDAY 27 July 2016

The Chairman gave a warm welcome to all residents and guests who attended the meeting.

PRESENT: Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Peter Garbutt, Gwilym Davies, Ann Perkins, Andrew Hughes and Eric Hayworth

APOLOGIES: Glenys Jones, Hilary Cooke, Christine Garbutt, Helen & Gareth Evans, Sheila Jones, Kathleen Beavis, Richard Coe, Su Pearson, Rachel Sayer, Dr & Mrs Lyon.

CO-OPTED MEMBERS Cllr Peter Rogers

17  other residents in attendance.


MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 15 JUNE 2016 & MATTERS ARISING: Minutes were accepted as a true record of events.

  • Rhyd-Y-Groes, Rhosgoch – Local Authority have deferred matter until after a site visit has been made. National Trust is not submitting an objection as proposed solar farm not near property. MY had submitted an objection with other individuals of the community which had all been accepted by the authority. Wind turbines on the site now have planning permission
  • After Cllr Peter Rogers had intervened entrance gate to Morawelon has now been corrected.
  • Permanent “No Horse Riding” Cob signs now erected
  • No further information on new school in Newborough. Members of the community had lodged an objection to proposed new school, as there was no mention of ‘Church’ school in the original consultation. Meeting expressed concerned about lack of consultation with Bodorgan Community Council. As the catchment area will include Bodorgan there was strong feeling at the meeting of the need for Bodorgan Community Council to be represented. Cllr Peter Rogers needs to recommend 3 representatives for the Shadow Governing Body; he will seek guidance on criteria for choosing representatives and hopes to involve Bodorgan Community Council, as at present Rhosyr is the only Community Council involved in consultation. It was suggested that Church of Wales be contacted to express community’s misgivings.

 POLICING MATTERS: No representative available to attend.


A vacancy has arisen it was proposed by Chris Rogers and seconded by Peter Garbutt that Alwyn Rowlands be elected. Carried unanimously by meeting. Thereby Alwyn is duly elected to the committee.

COMMUNITY FESTIVAL 2016 REPORT: Dafydd gave thanks to all the volunteers involved for their hard work in making the Festival a success. Unfortunately because of the weather all the inflatable items had to be postponed, however they had been erected at school for Wednesday afternoon for the children to use, 3 schools attended. Despite the poor weather the afternoon had been well attended. 138 people attended the evening music festival. Amount raised £1788.80.

Left over burgers and buns are now in Ali’s freezer and will be used at a ‘Burger & Chips’ quiz evening.

As the event had been funded by Fourteen all volunteers were asked to complete the CFIW questionnaire.

CELEBRATE WALES: Dafydd had attended a Lottery ‘Celebrate Wales’ session on 15 July at Llangefni Town Hall. Funding is available to finance a community celebration event. Dafydd suggested celebrating 200 years of education at Bodorgan School; this was deemed an excellent idea. It was proposed by Chris Rogers and Seconded by Peter Garbutt that Dafydd get an application in as soon as possible. Meeting voted unanimously in favour.

FOURTEEN PROGRAMME: CFIW proposed to issue the next funding round criteria prior to the Panel meeting on 8th August with deadline for submissions 12 September. Both Chris and Dafydd have emailed CFIW to emphasise the importance of discussing the criteria at the next panel meeting. Many groups do not meet in August as it is the holiday period, the lower grant amount of £5,000 is too high and in order to have complete transparency criteria need to be discussed at a full panel meeting. Concern was raised about a meeting that had taken place with Mon Active, Authority Sports’ Development Officer, CFIW and Mark Gahan without any community panel member being present.

BURGER & QUIZ NIGHT: Meeting thought this a good idea, left over burgers and rolls will be used from Fun Day. Ali and Jude will organise cooking of burgers and chips. Chris to organise quiz. Date to be arranged

PENSIONERS CHRISTMAS LUNCH: Overwhelming support for this. Dafydd to contact school caterers. Wine has already been purchased at a much reduced cost.

 VIDEO PROJECT: Much of the filming completed and will be finished in September.

 HORIZON COMMUNITY FUNDING: Deferred until next meeting.


  • Dog issues passed to Cllr Ann Griffiths
  • Speeding issues 30 & 40 mph areas not being observed. Dafydd to request results of speed monitoring carried out at top of the hill.


  • Bodorgan Community Bingo – every Thursday 7 pm
  • LPM BBQ Saturday 30th July at LPM woodland
  • Strawberry & champagne event to raise funds for Breast Cancer at Ali & Jude’s. 27 August. More details to follow.


  • Query was made about Cllr Ann Griffiths now being the Deputy Police Commissioner will it affect her work as Cllr for Bodorgan.
  • WI had received funding from CFIW for planters at Bodorgan Station. No sign of planting at the moment.

150 CLUB – DRAW 4:

1st prize            £30      No 262                        Helen Evans, Malltraeth

2nd prize           £20      No 285                        Janet Haworth, Malltraeth

3rd prize            £10      No 271                        Non Hughes, Malltraeth