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A warm welcome was given by the Chairman to all residents and guests who attended the meeting.

PRESENT: Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Jeff Hughes (Treasurer), Sheila Jones (Secretary),

Peter Garbutt, Andrew Hughes, Ann Perkins, Gwilym Davies, Aled Roberts, Helen Evans, Gareth Evans, Eric Haworth.

APOLOGIES: Rachel Sayer, Elfyn Roberts, Cyril & Barbara Jones, Vanessa Caldwell,

Judith Williams, Cassie Long, Glenys Jones, Julie Hind, Richard Coe, Su Pearson.

CO-OPTED MEMBERS: Cllr P Rogers, Cllr A Griffith, PCSO Alison Williams.

GUESTS: Sheila Maxwell, Vice Chairperson, Lisa Kellet, CEO, Ffion Roberts, Grants Officer, Sarah Morris, Admin Officer – Community Foundation in Wales.

19 residents in attendance.


Dafydd passed on the group’s condolences to Robin and Sheila on the death of Robin’s Brother, Leonard Jones.  Sympathies were extended to Trefor Wyn Hughes’ family and also to Stan Strickland and his family who had both lost close family members recently.

Apologies from Dafydd – he had not opened the envelope at the last meeting, and consequently had not realised its contents. He felt humbled and wished to thank everyone for his birthday gift.


Minutes were proposed as a true record by Andrew Hughes and seconded by many in attendance.

  • Roadworks in Bethel from next Monday – three way lights (Andrew).
  • Solar Park – application has been successful despite numerous objections (Capel).
  • Mirror – Cllr P Rogers and PCSO A Williams are looking into this issue.

POLICING MATTERS: PCSO Alison Williams was welcomed to the meeting.  No issues were raised for discussion.

SPIRIT OF 12 – 14 INITIATIVE: Liza Kellet, Chief Executive of the Community Foundation in Wales was invited to give an overview of what the Spirit of 12 – 14 initiative is all about.  Liza explained that Bro Aberffraw had already received 19 grants to date. Dafydd explained that the Community Foundation has been working with Malltraeth Ymlaen for the last 6 years.  Many questions were taken from those present, and it seemed that the criteria for grants is very difficult to understand, and that the public have no idea what is going on.  The main difficulty is the distinction between revenue and capital monies. The Foundation have been thinking of setting up a newsletter for various places in Wales so that the public will know what is going on in the different areas with the funding. Dafydd thanked the Foundation, and declared that without their support, we would not be in the position we are at today. We will also be reliant on their assistance in our fight for community facilities.

COMMUNITY HERITAGE ASSETS: Dafydd asked Liza Kellet and the other ladies of the Community Foundation in Wales if a grant for outside lighting could be made for St Cadwaladr’s Church as it is a Grade I listed building and does regularly have events in the evenings.   Liza replied by stating that if a project conforms to the grants criteria, it would be considered.  All the ladies were thanked for attending the meeting. Sheila Maxwell left at this point as she had to travel back to Harlech, but the other ladies accepted the invitation to stay.

12 – 14 COMMUNITY FESTIVAL: Dafydd stated that there is only 16 days left to apply for funding under the current fourteen round.  He suggested that we have a community festival, as hopefully a sustainable annual event, starting in the afternoon and carrying on into the evening.  All present agreed.

DONATION TO THE WALES FLOOD RECOVERY FUND: The Community Foundation have set this up to help affected communities, and it was agreed to donate £50 towards this fund.

FUTURE OF THE COMMUNITY CENTRE – UPDATE: Dafydd stated that at the last meeting, he spoke out against keeping the original building.  The local authority wants us to transfer control of the community centre over to them, but our Solicitor has advised us not to do this.  It has been agreed to look at a new build option and funding, but also to look at the option of keeping the school building and funding, and to make it more efficient by reducing its size.  An offer has been made by the Council for us to purchase the building, but, at present, it is not clear if the price quoted included the land.

COUNTY COUNCIL BUDGET – UPDATE ON SUBMISSION: A letter has been forwarded to the Council, and it appears that an increase of 3½% will be added to the Council Tax for this year.  It also seems that our refuse collection bins will be emptied every 3 weeks from next October.  An extra re-cycling box will be circulated to all households next October.

SPIRIT OF 12 – 14 EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST/RDP 3 – PROJECT: Any ideas for projects in our area.

CURRY NIGHT 2016: A decision on entertainment, quiz, music etc., is required.  Dafydd and Ali will arrange.

PENSIONERS CHRISTMAS LUNCH/CAROL SINGING: Dafydd reported that the lunch went very well, and he has a surplus to carry over to next year.  The Carol Singing raised £53.43.  Mrs E Lyon, Mrs K Beavis and Mrs H Cooke were all thanked for their hard work.  School Children’s Christmas Party – Ali and Judith were thanked for providing a free disco for the children’s party.

150 CLUB – 2016: Dafydd requested volunteers to sell tickets.


  • It was reported that there is a hole opening up again in the roadway at Cross St. near the Church at Malltraeth, and a couple adjacent to Moranedd. Cllr A Griffith will investigate and liaise with Highways.
  • Update on Schools – Cllr A Griffith and Andrew Hughes attended a meeting approximately 2 weeks ago, and reported that a steering group was formed for the proposed new super-school. It is anticipated that there will be 180 spaces for children at the new school which should be opened in 2018. However, they might be some difficulties with finding a suitable site.


Spirit of 12 Funding Workshop – Llys Llywelyn, Aberffraw – 28 January – 1pm until 6pm


  • Bodorgan School is subject to an Estyn Inspection in February/March.
  • A proposal that a £300 donation for IT equipment be given to Bodorgan School – all present agreed.
  • Eric Haworth stated that he had recently attended a Local Land Access Forum meeting where dog fouling was discussed. Dog Bins are available at either end of the Cob at Malltraeth.
  • It was asked if representatives of the Spirit of 12 – 14 panel could update out group after their meetings – this was agreed.
  • Cllr A Griffith asked if anyone knows of someone affected by flooding in the area to let her know.

{Cllr Peter Rogers had to leave early due to lambing}