MALLTRAETH YMLAEN cyf- a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England & Wales, Reg No 5902143. Reg Office -Morlais, Malltraeth, Bodorgan, Anglesey, LL62 SAT.

Thu 06/02/2020 15:09

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Dear All,

I am sad that I have to send out this notice, as the committee has never had to meet before as all meetings were "open", and hence our success in growing. Sadly the actions of a minority have destroyed the cohesiveness built up. This is an important meeting so please try to attend if at all possible, Regards, Dafydd


Special Committee Meeting, Malltraeth Ymlaen


Meeting of Malltraeth Ymlaen 'cyf Management Committee members only will be held at the Bodorgan Community Centre on Wednesday the 12th February 2020 at 7pm.



The purpose of this meeting is to decide the future of the organization which is a registered company limited by guarantee. Attendance is restricted to committee members only. NO OTHER PERSONS WILL BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND,

The Chair will propose that the organization has served its purpose well over the last seventeen years, but the behaviour of a small minority have damaged the harmony and cohesiveness built up over the years within the community. Feedback is that the damage is severe and largely split on allegiance to language. Consequently, the sensible option is to decide that the company be now closed down -[A majority vote will suffice for a valid legal decision] [The company has no registered members other than the committee].

If the vote is in favour of closure-

  1. The Chair recommends that it applies to be "struck off'the Companies register [£10 fee]
  2. All liabilities must be discharged [All can be done except container hire which expires in September]
  3. All assets in the form of cash and equipment be transferred to the registered charity number 700192, Bodorgan Community Centre which has the same objectives as this company. This satisfies Clause 9 of the Memorandum & Articles of the company Transfer to ring fence £2K for continuation of grant funded exercise class and four years of container hire.
  4. Registered Office/Banking address removed by dissolution.
  5. Prepare final statement of accounts and make it known to the community together with information that the organization no longer legally exists.