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As part of our efforts to secure the Bodorgan School as our Community Centre we have to submit a Business Plan to Anglesey Council to convince them that is is a viable project. We need to know how the community of Bodorgan want to use the communty centre. In normal circumstances we could discuss this face-to-face with you all and record your views. But the Community Centre is closed. So that's why we are running this survey

Anyone can complete this survey if they wish, whether or not you are a member of Malltraeth Ymlaen - and whether or not you live in the Bodorgan ward.

The more of you complete the survey, the more likely we are to succeed in having the plan approved.

Most of the questions in the survey are optional-you do not have to complete answers if you are not interested. But we need to ask a few questions about yourself just so we can assess where the interest lies within the community. These questions are marked with a small red star, and they have to be answered. These questions are asked in this first section:

About You

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Adult Education

Education and training should be an important part of activities at the Community Centre. We intend to use one of the large rooms of the community centre as a classroom for most of the time. Entry to education courses will not be restricted to residents of Bodorgan - all can attend. To start with the courses will be run mainly by Coleg Menai (not the Welsh classes). Please indicate your interest in any of these courses.

Under 16 Education

We would like to organise out-of-school training for school children using tutorial groups provided by school teachers

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Arts and Crafts

Coleg Menai will make the following courses available to us. (the Art Group* will be a local group run by community members). Please select any courses that you might find interesting:

Exercise and Fitness



One of our members is qualified to offer a child minding service and there's plenty of space to make that available at the community centre. Can you let us know what other services you'd like?

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Our Field

We'd welcome your thoughts on how we could use the field.

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What have we forgotten?

It's your community centre. Give us your comments and suggestions.

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