Canolfan Gymunedol BODORGAN Community Centre

Elusen Rhif/Charity No – 700192.


Statement of Income and Financial liabilities due for the second quarter 1st July 2019 – 30th September 2019.




Bingo 13 @ £17-50  227-50     Operational costs 288-00
Band 9 @ £40 360-00      
Pensioners 3 @ £2-50 7-50      
Community Council 2  32-00      
Llangawalar Church 21-00      
MY Exercise sessions 168-00      
Malltraeth Ymlaen 2  @ £16-00 32-00      
Bodorgan WI 2@ £20 40-00      
Alpacas hire 280-00    Additional keys 17-39
Bingo surplus 59-70    Share container hire 219-00
Hire Tables 10-00    New transformer (Bingo) 12-50
  1237-70     536.89


During the quarter the total rental income due was £1178-00. Quarterly expenses were £288 and the shared costs of the container is £219. The power transformer for the Bingo machine had to be replaced at a cost of £12-50, the cable on the original sealed unit having failed.  

The second quarter shows an operating surplus on the revenue account of £641-11.  The total surplus was £700-81. The cumulative surplus following the first two quarters is £1509-31. That includes a bingo surplus of £141-90. The insurance premium falls due for payment in January.



  • Hire payments by the Community Council and Malltraeth Ymlaen are made at the year end, the latter having made an advance payment in respect of April 2019 as shown in the accounts for the preceding year.
  • The weekly exercise sessions have utilised the premises 14 times since June to the end of this quarter. They are foreseen to continue next year.
  • The bingo sessions are valued within the community and resulted in a surplus of
  • £59-70 for this quarter. Their hire has been charged out at a reduced level of £17.50/session.
  • The additional keys are to increase flexibility and are one front door key (£12-50) and an internal mortice key (£4-89)


Rhys Evans – Treasurer                                            Dafydd Jones – Chairman