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Minutes of the Community Council virtual Meeting held on Monday, 23rd JANUARY 2023.
1           PRESENT were:
Councillors Mr Tim Owen (Chair), Mrs Sharon Barton, Mrs Pal Dobbie, Mr Andrew Hughes, Mr Myfyr Davies, Mr Gary Evans, Mr Selwyn Williams, Mr Les Thomas & Mr J Alun Foulkes (Clerc). ALSO: Couniy Councillor Mr Arfon Wyn
2        APOLOGIES for absence was received from:
Councillors Mr Gwilym Looms &: Mr Alan Smith. ALSO: County Councillor Mr John Ifan Jones.
3         Welcome:
The Chair welcomed members of the Council and the Public to the meeting. He made reference to the Council's Standing Orders and reminded them of their rights, conduct and responsibility and no recordings was allowed.
4         To Declare any personal or prejudicial interest.

4.1       No Interest was declared.
5          Bro Aberffraw Alliance Presentation.
Mrs Lyndsey Campbell-Williams was welcomed to the meeting. She gave a presentation and description of her role as an Officer of Menter Men and the intentions to establish a Community Alliance Group to resolve community issues and to work in partnerships with Town & Community Councils, Local Organisations and other stakeholders. Examples and themes of other such Alliances that currently exist on the Island was given and members were told that the next meeting was scheduled for the 27"1 February 2023. The Chair thanked her for her presentation and looked forward to the next meeting and the development of the Alliance.
5         To Correct fi Approve Minutes of Previous Meetings.
5.1       Council Meeting - 22/11/2022 - Proposed (AH) a Seconded (MD) that the minutes be approved as correct. Unanimously agreed and signed by the Chair. Councillor Mrs Pat Dobbie again challenged the statement made at the meeting held on the 13th October regarding the legality of the Malllraeth Ymlaen Croup. As agreed in the November meeting, the Clerk confirmed that Councillor Dobbie had sent him an email providing evidence to the contrary. Therefore, it was agreed to duly note its contents and to consider the matter closed.

6          Matters arising from the minutes,
6.1        Grass Cutting Agreement Old Cemetery fi Trefdraeth Cemetery. The following matters were outstanding:
The Clerk to organise a new and separate contract with Mr Dafydd Hughes of Dwyran
in the New Year.
The Clerk to contact the Church in Wales to determine who is responsible for the
maintenance of the Old Cemetery and to put on hold a new grass cutting contract to
include the clearing of the whole overgrowth of the hedges.
The Clerk to revise the Council's risk policy to include the Cemetery and report back
when completed.
6.2       Cob Malltraeth New Benches.
The following matters were outstanding:
The Clerk to renew the Council's Insurance EL Risk policy to include the Benches and
report back when completed.
Following the previous decision to place an additional bench in memory of the Late
Councillor Mr Alwyn Rowlands on the COB, members agreed unanimously that this
was not a Community Council matter.
6.3       Picnic Table (Cwt Glas).
The following matters were outstanding:
To install a new picnic table as soon as possible.
The Clerk to renew the Council's Insurance fi Risk policy to include the Picnic Tables fi
Site and report back when completed.                                                         I,
As this piece of land belonged to the County Council, the Clerk had sent a letter to
request that they remove the Car Park picnic table due to complaints and Health &
Safety concerns. Reply received that this piece of equipment will be removed at the
earliest opportunity.
6.4       Hermon's New Notice Board fi Signs.
Confirmation that the new notice board will be installed in March /April 2023. Confirmation that the Flashing Speed Restriction Signs were now working.
6.5       Community Defibrillator
Councillor Mr Andrew Hughes thanked the Clerk for his work in securing a new defibrillator in Bethel and acknowledged its importance to the residents in Bethel.
6.6       Footpaths Sub-Committee Meeting.
Agreed that the Clerk arranges a meeting of the Sub-Committee to discuss the maintenance of the local footpaths in April.
7          New Planning Applications - None Received.

6         Planning Department Decisions - None Received.
9          Payments fi Council Income: ?.1       Payments:
Clerk's Wages &PAYE- December2022                                        £280.00
Clerk's Wages & PAYE -January 2023                                            £280.00
Mr Dalydd Hughes - New Cemetery Maintenance 2023                 £1,050.00
Mr Dalydd Hughes - Old Cemetery Maintenance 2023                  £1,500.00
Mr Dalydd Hughes - Cob &• CwL Glas Maintenance 2023               £300.00
One Voice Wales - Training                                                        £70.00
One Voice Wales - Training                                                         £175.00
After questioning as to whether maintenance work had been done at the Gob & Cwt
GLasH it was agreed to make all the above payments unanimously (AH/MD).
9.2       Receipts: None.
Plot Paymenis                                                                  £1,653.58
:T* Precept Instalment 2022/23                                      £4,000.00
9.3       Bank Reconciliation: 31 December 2022:
General Account - £ 9,752.01                    Reserve Account - £ 16,022.64ol
10        Donations.
Council agreed to make the following donations (MD. LT-Hope House                                               £250
Welsh Air Ambulance                               £250
BodorganWI                                              £100
11         Approve the Community Council's Budget 2023/2024.
Council approved and agreed with the Clerk's budget forecast that he had prepared minus the £600 set aside for the memorial bench and to keep the annual precept at £12,000 (MD/AH) - details will be posted on the website. The Chair and Council members thanked the Clerk for this work.
12        Annual Contracts & Appointing Internal Auditor.
Clerk to prepare the grass cutting contract of the New Cemetery as soon as possible.
To defer Footpaths Maintenance Contract until the Footpaths meeting has been
Council agreed to reappoint Messrs I G Jones & Co, Accountants, Llangefni as the
Council's Internal Auditor
13        Council Training Plan.
Clerk to ensure the Training Plan is completed and publicized on the Community Council website before the end of May and urged Councillors once again to make every effort to attend the One Voice Wales training co.

13         Bethel, Anglesey Housing Needs Report.
The Clerk shared and confirmed the following information wilh members:
Unfortunately, North Wales Housing does not currently have a potential site plan, hut have confirmed the following. To give an idea of what has heen discussed - if it were a potential site going ahead, it would include something like this:
27 units with a mix of semi-detached houses and hungalows - these would he placed
under a mix of tenures (most similar - social rent, intermediate rent and market rent).
All alfordable homes would be let wilh either a Social Housing or Fair Housing
listing using a local letting policy.
Each house has two parking spaces of its own as a driveway.
There will he a Puhlic Open Space area of over 100Gm2 - this will be included in
addition to the 27 houses.
However, it is likely that this may change wilh development discussions and the
further investigation into what the supply, asking and need is in the area.
Agreed that the Clerk sends an invitation to the relevant officers to a meeting of the Council
14        County Councillors Report - County Councillor Arfon Wyn gave the following report: Resurface properties in Morawelon, Malltraeth.
Beach Clearance in Malltraeth following Storm Damage.
Menler Mon to extend the Lon Las Cefni Footpath at Bont Marquis all the way lo
Application made to press for Parking for Residents only on the mam street,
Confirmed that a Joint Meeting had taken place with the Chair & Vice Chair of the
Community Council to discuss certain issues.
15        Correspondence: The following information was shared:
One Voice Wales Training Courses for February S March 2023.
One Voice Wales - Ynys Mon Area Committee will be held at 7.00pm on Thursday 26
January 2023.
Environmental and Community Improvement Fund - deadline - 3V March 2023.
Gwynedd and Anglesey Well-being Plan - A chance to have your say - deadline 6.3.23.
16        Date of Next meeting date - Tuesday. U" March 2023.
The Chair thanked the Clerk & all Councillors for their attendance and apologized for problems with the Translator He then declared the meeting closed at 8:40 pm