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Minutes of the Community Council virtual meeting held via ZOOM on

Tuesday, 22nd March 2022.

1       Present:

Councillors Mr Dafydd Jones (Chair), Mrs Sharon Barton Mr Andrew Hughes,

Mr Gwilym Looms, Mr Gareth Evans, Mr Jeff Hughes and Mr J Alun Foulkes (Clerk).

Also: County Councillor Mr Bryan Owen.

2        Apologies

 Apologies for absence were received from:

Councillors Mr Tim Owen, Mr. Selwyn Williams, Mr Myfr Davies & Mrs Arianwen Owen. Also: County Councillor Mr Peter Rogers.

3        Welcome:

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.

4        Declaration of Interest

No personal interest that was prejudicial had been received.

5       Bodorgan Estate Woodland Planting Consultation

Ms Olivia Manterfield from the Bodorgan Estate was welcomed to the meeting in relation to some tree planting they would like to do during 2022 on Bodorgan Estate owned land but within the Bodorgan Community Council area. Her purpose in attending was to consult with the community council on the planting and to check if there are any concerns or questions about it. The Clerk had already circulated a map outlining the proposed areas of planting. It was also pointed out that the next 5-year cycle to carry out tree surveys on the estate would begin in 2023 and they were fully aware of the problems experienced last winter on the highway at Hermon. Members were unanimously in full support of the application and thanked Olivia for notifying the Community Council.

6        Update on the Old Community School & Canolfan Bodorgan.

A very brief report was given that the County Council were not entirely happy with the Business Plan submitted by Malltraeth Ymlaen and that they had been directed to contact the Canolfan Beaumaris Social Enterprise for guidance and support.

7         County Councilor's Report (Mr Bryan Owen)

- gave a short report that Mr John

Pritchard, a landowner was happy to consider selling/contributing land opposite the Maes Glas Estate for development and widening of the given on:

8        To Correct & Approve Minutes of the Last Meeting.

8.1       Full Council Monthly Meeting 16/11/2021 - Motion (AH) & second (TO) that the

minutes be approved as a true record. Unanimously agree and signed by the Chairman.

9        Matters arising from the minutes.

9.1       New Benches at the Cob Malltraeth - the Clerk informed members that the matter was in hand and it is expected that new ones are expected to have been installed during 2022.

9.2       Hermon Flower Plot - Councillor Mr Andrew Hughes confirmed that the matter was in hand

9.3       Wai Repairs - Old Trefdraeth Church Cemetery - Councillor Mr Andrew Hughes confirmed that the matter was in hand.

9.4       Tree Report, Sarn, Hermon - see minute (5) above.

9.5        Maes Glas, Bethel - no further update.

9.6       Trefdraeth Cemetery Burial Fees 2022/2023 - need to tidy up category pricing - Chair & Clerk to arrange.

10 Save a Life Wales Application

- Installation of Defibrillator in the Community – the Clerk confirmed that he had succeeded with a grant request to install a defibrillator but that there was no suitable site in Hermon. Members were asked to consider Bethel Surgery as a site with the surgery's permission. Agreed unanimously. It was also noted that Glantraeth FC has been successful in their application and the Clerk suggested that the Community Council should consider adding this to the Council's list. Agreed and that this should be discussed further at the next meeting.

To Confirm Payments & Receipts:

Proposed & Seconded to approve the following list and this was agreed unanimously (AH/DJ):

10.1 Payments:

Welsh Air Ambulance  S137/LGA1972

Hope House  S137/LGA1972 Donation £250

Mr J Alun Foulkes Wages - 4th Quarter 2021/22 £645.60

HMRC  PAYE  £161.40

10.2     Income

  • Anglesey County Council Burial Grant                                           £2,000.00
  • Burial Fees £400.00

10.3     Bank Reconciliation - Current Account as at 28th February 2022                £8,762.31

10.4     Bank Charges - it was noted that HSBC Bank had began charging £5.00 per month plus transactional charges and requested members to consider approaching an alternative Bank. Agreed unanimously.

10.5     Internal Audit 2014-2017 - despite the Clerk's effort since receiving the Public Interest Report back in 2019, it noted that the Council has finally received an invoice totalling £4,750 from Wales Audit for the years there had been difficulties. He had contacted the Chair and had responded that the Community Council was not happy to pay the invoice until receiving a better explanations and full details and breakdown of the payment. Members were in full agreement with the Clerk's action.

10.6     Internal Audit 2020 - 2021 - the Clerk noted, with disappointment, that the Council has yet to receive the internal audit report from Wales Audit.

10.7     Grass Cutting Contract - the Clerk to proceed with the tendering process and to consider quotes within the budget allowance (£3,300).

11            New Planning Applications.

11.1                 Full application for the erection of 4 domestic garages and erection of 2 stables for private use only at: 1 Capel Sardis, High Street, Malltraeth - FPL/2022/16 -NO OBSERVATIONS.

11.2                 Full application to Alter & Extend at: Tyddyn Bach, Bodorgan - HHP/2022/18 -NO OBSERVATIONS.

11.3                 Full application to Alter 8c Extend at: 3 Maes y Glas, Bethel, Bodorgan -HHP/2022/21 - NO OBSERVATIONS.

11.4                 Full application to Alter 8c Extend including a car port at: Bryn Tirion, Bodorgan HHP/2022/32 - NO OBSERVATIONS.

11.5                 Listed Building Consent for roof repairs at:

Tre-Dafydd Uchaf, Bodorgan - LBC/2022/8 - NO OBSERVATIONS.

12              Planning Decisions.

12.1                Full application for alterations and extensions together with the erection of a balcony at: Bryn Tirion, Bodorgan HHP/2021/302 - APPROVED.

12.2                 Appeal Decision - ENF/2020/13 - The Stables, Henblas Country Park, Bodorgan -REFUSED.

12.3                 Full application to Alter & Extend at: Tyddyn Bach, Bodorgan - HHP/2022/18 -APPROVED.

13              Correspondence.

13.1                Community Councillor Re-election Forms - distributed among current Council members.

13.2                 Natural Resources Wales - New Countryside Code advice for Land Managers -

distributed to Councillors for information only.

13.3                One Voice Wales (Section 47 Multi Location Meeting Report) - to be distributed to Councillors at the Annual General Meeting.

13.4                 Welsh Government's Consultation on how to measure the inclusion of migrants in Wales - distributed to Councillors for information only.

13.5                 County Council Statement: Your views will help shape the Council Plan 2022-27) - distributed to Councillors for information only.

13.6                 Nature and Us - The national conversation on the future of Wales' natural environment has started - distributed to Councillors for information only.

13.7                 Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales Annual Report - February 2022 - to

be distributed to Councillors at the Annual General Meeting.

13.8                 One Voice Wales Membership 2022-2023 - agree to pay membership £175.00


14              Date of Next Meeting

- Tuesday, 17th May 2022.

The Chair thanked everyone for attending and declared the meeting closed at 7:55pm.