Minutes of the Community Council virtual Meeting held via ZOOM on Tuesday, 21st June 2022.

  • Prior to the meeting commencing, a motion was proposed by Councillor Mr Myfyr Davies and seconded by the Chairman, that the Council adopts Standing Order 3L ('the recording of meeting proceedings is not permitted by any means'). It was unanimously agreed and this was noted to members of the public.

[This proposal was given by Mr Dafydd Jones]

2        Present

Councillor Mr Tim Owen (Chair), Councillors Mr Selwyn Williams, Mr Andrew Hughes,

Mr Gwilym Looms, Mr Myfyr Davies, Mr Gareth Evans, Mrs Sharon Barton,

Mrs Pat Dobbie, Mr Henri Hughes & Mr Les Thomas.

Also: Mr J Alun Foulkes (Clerk) & County Councillors: Mr Arfon Wyn & Mr John Ifan Jones

3        Apologies

 None received.

4        Welcome

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting including members of the public.

5        Declaration of Personal or Prejudicial Interest.

No personal and/or prejudicial interest was declared and received.

6        To Correct & Approve Minutes of the Last Meeting.

Full Council Monthly Meeting 24/5/2022 - Motion (MD) & seconded (AH) that the minutes be approved as a true record. Unanimously agreed and signed by the Chairman.

7        Matters arising from the minutes.

7.1       New Malltraeth Cob Benches - confirmation from the Clerk that he expects the new benches to arrive at the end of July. He also reminded Councillors Mr Gareth Evans and Mr Les Thomas have agreed to assist with the installation work.

7.2       Herrnon Flower Pots - despite his effort Councillor Mr Andrew Hughes expressed disappointment that the work had not been done. It was unanimously agreed to ask Councillor Mr Les Thomas to reconsider and issue a new quote.

7.3       Trefdraeth Old Churchyard Wall - in accordance with minute 7.2 above, Councillor Mr Andrew Hughes again apologized that this work had not been undertaken. It was unanimously agreed to ask Councillor Mr Les Thomas to reconsider and issue a new quote.

7.4      Maes Glas, Bethel - following comments made at the last meeting members unanimously agreed (TO / MD) with County Councilor Mr John Ifan Jones' proposal to move things forward and send an email requesting a meeting with Senior Officers 8c Heads of the County Council with the Clerk representing the Community Council.

7.5       Safe a Life Wales Application - Community Defibrillator Installation - confirmation from Clerk that installation arrangements at Bethel Surgery and Glantraeth FC are in hand for next week.

7.6       New Hermon Noticeboard - in hand.

7.7       Grass Cutting - Trefdraeth New & Old Cemetery & Cwt Glas Grass Cutting Agreement - although the Clerk had received many complaints, he said that the work of cutting both Cemeteries had begun but that there was considerable work due to the overgrowth. Unanimously agreed to monitor the site for progress and also to consider further tree felling expenditure to include the cutting of smaller bushes hindering the access to the Church.

7.8       Members' Allowance.

Request made by the Clerk to ask the Councillors to return the appropriate form by the next meeting if they wish to withdraw from receiving an allowance of £150.

7.9       Adoption of Policies:

The Local Protocol Resolution Policy 8c Social Media Policy was duly adopted but there was a need to revisit the Language Policy and to look into possible Translation Services at future Council meetings.

7.10     The Future of the Bodorgan School & Community Center Site.

Councillors Agreed unanimously with the recommendation of the Clerk (TO / SW) that the Community Council should arrange a joint meeting with all bodies involved or interested in the site with the County Councillors and the Proper Officer of the Council to move things forward.

8      New Planning Applications.

8.1     Full application to Alter & Extend at: Malakoff, Hermon, Bodorgan -HHP/2022/161 - NO OBSERVATIONS.

9       Planning Department Decisions - none received

10     To Confirm Payments & Receipts:

Proposed & seconded & unanimously approved to make the following payments (MD/AH):

10.1     Payments:

  • Clerks Wages & PAYE -          June 2022                                              £280.00
  • Viking Direct Paper                                                    £79.02
  • UK Office Direct Ink                                                        £98.06
  • I G Jones & Co Internal Audit                                       £210.00

10.2     Receipts:

  • Plot Payments 1st Instalment 2022/2023                         £1,653.58

10.3     Bank Reconciliation - 31st May 2022       -         Current Account               £12,564.97

11    To Receive & Approve Council Annual Governance Statement & Internal Audit Report 2022.

Following a full explanation by the Clerk, the Annual Governance Statement including the Internal Auditor's report was unanimously accepted and approved by Council. (GL/SB).

12    Correspondence:

12.1     EE 77155 Proposed telecommunications development at Tyn Rallt - noted the Council to expect a new Planning Application in due course for the proposed new site.

12.2     Anglesey County Council (Temporary Prohibition of Through Traffic) (Lon Glantraeth, Bethel) Order 2022 - for information only.

12.3     Anglesey County Council (Temporary Prohibition of Through Traffic) (Lon Tre Dafydd Uchaf, Bodorgan) Order 2022'-for information only.

12.4    Owen Williams Charitable Trust - request received for 2 Community Councillors to be represented on the Trust - Councillors Mrs Pat Dobbie & Mr Henri Hughes were duly elected.

13    Flower Planters.

Motion made and seconded (MD/AH) for the Council to suspend its Standing Orders to allow the Clerk to revisit the recording of the Annual General Meeting in order to clarify the exact transcript and request made by Councillor Mrs Pat Dobbie for a £50.00 donation towards the planting of summer plants in the pots at Hermon, Bethel and Malltraeth. Agreed.

14    Date of Next Meeting - Tuesday, 19th July 2022.

The Chair thanked the Clerk and all the Councillors for their attendance. He declared the meeting closed at 8:35 pm.