Minutes of the Community Council virtual Meeting held via ZOOM on Tuesday, 19th July 2022.

1          Present

Councillors, Mr Tim Owen (Chair), Mrs Sharon Barton, Mrs Pat Dobbie, Mr Andrew Hughes, Mr Myfyr Davies & Mr J Alun Foulkes (Clerk). Also: County Councilor Mr Arfon Wyn

2         Apologies

were received from: Councillors Mr Gareth Evans & Mr Les Thomas. Also: County Councilor Mr John Ifan Jones

3         Welcome:

Prior to the commencement of the meeting, Standing Order 3L was adopted by members to prevent any member of the public from recording the meeting's business.

The Chair then welcomed everyone to the meeting including members of the public.

The meeting then observed a minute's silence as a sign of respect following the sudden death of Councillor Mr Henri Hughes and to extend the Council's deepest sympathy to his family and close friends.

4         To declare any personal and/or prejudicial interest.

No personal declaration was received.

5         To Correct & Approve minutes of previous meetings.

Full Council 21/6/2022 - Proposed (AH) & Seconded (SB) that the minutes be approved as correct. Unanimously agreed and signed by the Chair.

6          Matters arising from the minutes.

6.1       Translation Service - The service is expected to be available from September 2022 onwards (cost - £ 120.00 + VAT - (AH/PD).

6.2       Hermon Flower Pot - Confirmation that Mr Les Thomas' has completed the repair work (cost £ 200).

6.3       Grass Cutting Agreement - Trefdraeth Old & New Cemetery. The work of grass cutting the grass was in hand.

Other works include the walls, the overgrowth of the hedges and trees is a separate issue.

Agreed that a meeting of the Cemetery Sub-Committee needs to be arranged on site with the Chair to replace Councillor Mr Henri Hughes. Clerk to arrange a meeting during August to discuss the above and report back by the next Full Council Meeting.

6.4       Maes Glas Site Report, Bethel - County Councillor Mr John Ifan Jones had moved on and arranged a meeting with senior officers & heads of the County Council. County Councillor Mr Arfon Wyn stated that the Highways Department had agreed to undertake a further investigation and was hopeful that it was possible to move forward and plan a suitable scheme. Disappointment was expressed that the Clerk had not been invited to attend the scheduled online meeting.

6.5       New Benches Cob Malltraeth - Confirmation by the Clerk that the new Benches were due to arrive on 26.7.2022. and that Councillors Mr Gareth Evans and Mr Les Thomas need to be reminded to assist with the installation and removal of the old benches.

6.6       Life Saving Wales Application-Installation of a Cabinet Defibrillator in the Community-Clerk1 confirmed that installation of the cabinets at Bethel Surgery and Glantraeth FC has been completed and that he had sent an email to Save a Life Wales asking them to deliver the defibrillator as soon as possible. It was noted that a new machine was also needed to be arranged at Rhos Residential Home and Council members agreed unanimously to pay for it.

6.7       Hermon's New Notice board - Clerk confirmed that a new notice board had been ordered. It was noted that some old keys need to be returned to the Clerk and it was reminded that their use was for Community Council business only.

6.8       Picnic Table (Cwt Glas).

Report that an accident had occurred and that the Picnic Table had shattered and

apologies had been sent to Mr Phillip Snow.

It was noted that the Council had another in store. Agreed unanimously that this be

installed as soon as possible.

It was also agreed to carry out a risk assessment on the other benches and the steps

leading to the site.

Finally, for safety reasons, the clerk was instructed to write to the County Council to

move the benches on the grounds of the car park opposite.

6.9       Future of the Bodorgan School & Community Center site.

Following the Clerk's recommendation at the last meeting regarding the Community Council arranging a joint meeting with every interested party on site with the County Councillors and the proper County Council officer in order to move things forward. It was now felt and agreed that the meeting be deferred to wait the outcome of the business plan submitted by those interested in purchasing the building.

6.10     Tyddyn Bach Footpath (15/001/01) - complaint that the path needs cutting - the Chair to meet and arrange with Mr Alun Thomas to make the necessary cut.

6.11       Cae Cae Lon Path (15/004/1) - Councilor Mrs Pat Dobbie was noted that a stile along the route needed attention - Clerk to send a letter to the County Council Highways Department.

6.12      Create a new playground (Morawelon) Malltraeth - Councillor Mrs Pat Dobbie said someone had approached her for consideration in resurrecting a play area in Morawelon. Following a brief discussion including the previous history of a play area on site, there was strong opposition among members with reasons not to consider the proposal. Agreed. (MD/AH).

7        New Planning Applications.

7.1       Application of 20 meter high mast, installation cabinets at floor level and auxiliary development on land at: Tyn Rallt, Bodorgan - D56/2022/4 - no objection.

8        Planning Department Decisions

8.1       Full Application to Alter & Extend at: Malakoff, Hermon, Bodorgan -H HP/2 022/161 -APPROVED.

9         Community Council Payments & Income:

Proposed (AH) & Seconded (MD) & agreed unanimously to make the following payments:

9.1        Payments:

Clerk &PAYE                      Salary - July 2022.                                              £280.00

St Cadwaladr Church -      Annual Donation (s214/LGA1972)                        £ 500.00

Bethel Chapel -                  Annual Donation (s214/LGA1972)                        £ 500.00

Mr Les Thomas-                Hermon Flower Pot Repairs                               £200.00

Atek UK Limited -               New Cob Seats                                                    £1,174.95

R Jones Electrician -          Installation of Defibrillator Cabinet                    £394.00

9.2       Receipts: None.

9.3       Bank Reconciliation - 30 June 2022 General Account £ 11,884.69

9.4      Letters from the Wales Air Ambulance, Ty Gobaith & Eglwys Llangadwaldr thanking the Community Council for their donation was duly noted.

10        Correspondence.

10.1 One Voice Wales Training Courses - Members were reminded that they will all need to attend courses next year as part of the Council's training plan as the Clerk will have to complete a report by the end of the year.

10.2   Vacant Seat - The Clerk stated that there will be an official public notice on the website and in the notice board at the end of the month in accordance with statutory rules.

11      Flower Plants

Proposal and second (MD/AH) for the Council to again suspend its Standing Orders in order to receive the Clerk's report confirming an exact transcript and application made by Councillor Mrs Pat Dobbie for a contribution of £ 50.00 towards the planting of summer plants at the pots in Hermon, Bethel and Malltraeth. Following a brief discussion, it was decided that lessons had been learned in many directions and that it was necessary to move forward for the benefit of the Council. It was unanimously agreed and the complaint was closed.

12     Date of next meeting - Tuesday, 20th September 2022.

The Chair thanked the Clerk and all councilors for their attendance. The meeting declared an end at 8:15 pm.