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Minutes of the Community Council virtual meeting held via ZOOM on

Tuesday, 18th January 2022.

1       Present:

Councillors Mr Dafydd Jones (Chair), Mr Tim Owen, Mrs Sharon Barton Mr Andrew Hughes, Mr Gwilym Looms, Mr. Selwyn Williams, Mr Myfr Davies and Mr J Alun Foulkes (Clerk). Also: County Councillor Mr Bryan Owen.

2        Apologies

Councillors Mr Gareth Evans, Mr Jeff Hughes Mrs Arianwen Owen. Also: County Councillor Mr Peter Rogers.

3        Welcome:

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.

4        Declaration of Interest

No personal interest that was prejudicial had been received.

5        County Councilor's Report (Mr Bryan Owen)

- a brief verbal report was given on: Update on the Old Community School & Canolfan Bodorgan - said he had

spoken with Mr Dylan Edwards from the County Council's Property Department and that he was waiting a business plan from Malltraeth Group. He was also aware that a meeting with the Member of Parliament had been a week earlier. Due to this information, motion (AH) & Seconded (MD) that the Council should suspend the decision of the November 2021 meeting and not arrange a joint meeting with three members of Malltraeth Group for the time being. Unanimously agreed.

6        To Correct & Approve Minutes of the Last Meeting.

6.1      Full Council Monthly Meeting 16/11/2021 - Motion (AH) & second (TO) that the

minutes be approved as a true record. Unanimously agree and signed by the Chairman.

7        Matters arising from the minutes.

7.1       New Benches at the Cob Malltraeth - the Clerk informed members that the matter was in hand and it is expected that new ones are expected to have been installed during 2022.

7.2       Hermon Flower Plot - proposed by (DJ) and Seconded (MD) to accept the quote supplied by Mr D Hughes (£ 150) and ask Councilor Mr Andrew Hughes to contact him to make

7.3       Wai Repairs - Old Trefdraeth Church Cemetery - Motion (MD) and Secondary (AH) to accept the quote provided by Mr D Hughes (£ 400) and asked Councilor Mr Andrew Hughes to contact him to make the arrangements. Unanimously agree.

7.4       Tree Report, Sarn, Hermon - the Clerk was still waiting for a reply from the County Council Highways Department.

7.5       Maes Glas, Bethel - Following the full report in addition to comments made at the November 2021 meeting, unanimous agreement made that the Clerk included Virginia Crosbie MP and Assembly Member Rhun ap lorwerth as part of any correspondence sent between the Community Council and the County Council.

8        To Confirm Payments & Receipts:

Proposed & Seconded to approve the following list and this was agreed unanimously


8.1       Payments:

  • Welsh Water Trefdraeth Cemetery                                £34.52
  • Snowdonia Tree Services - Trefdraeth Cemetery Tree Cutting          £1,280.00
  • MrJAlunFoulkes -                     Wages - 3rd Quarter 2021/22                    £645.60
  • HMRC PAYE                                                         £161.40

8.2      Income

  • Anglesey County Council Precept (Final Instalment 2021/2022)      £3,900.00
  • HMRC VAT Repayment 2021                            £83.28
  • Plot Instalments 2nd & Final Instalments 2021/22              £1,653.59

8.3      Bank Reconciliation - Current Account as at 31st December 2021              £8,773.91

8.4      Approval of Council Precept & Finances (202/2023)

The Clerk had prepared and provided members with a copy of the proposed budget for the Community Council for the period 202/2023. In accordance with his recommendations. Councillors agreed to an increase of 2.56% to £ 12,000 and thanked the Clerk for his work and asked him to post a copy on the website as soon as possible. Motion (MD) and seconded (AH) and approved unanimously.

8.5      Community Council Donations 2021/2022 - Members agreed unanimously to make the following donations of under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972:

TyGobaith                                  -                  £250.00

Wales Air Ambulance                  -                  £250.00

8.5      Trefdraeth Cemetery Burial Fees 2022/2023 - agree unanimously that the existing pricing remains the same.

8.6      Clerk's Salary 2022/2023 - agreed unanimously to a small increase in the Clerk's salary to £3,360 per annum.

8.7      Appointment of Internal Auditor 2021/2022 - Agreed to re-appoint Messrs IG Jones & Co, Llangefhi.

9       New Planning Applications.

9.1      Application under Section 73 for the variation of condition (02)(Approved plans) of planning permission reference VAR/2019/26 (Application under Section 73 for the removal of condition (02) (ancillary use) from planning permission reference 15C154 (conversion of outbuilding into additional living accommodation in association with the main dwelling)) so as to re instate condition (02) (Ancillary use) of the original planning approval 15C154 at: Carreg Ceiliog Fawr, Bethel, Bodorgan.

Application Number: VAR/2021/87 - No Observations.

9.2      Full application for alterations and extensions together with the erection of a balcony at: Bryn Tirion, Bodorgan.

Application Number: HHP/2021/302. No Observations.

9.3      Application for the installation of a 20metre high mast, the installation of equipment cabinets at ground level and ancillary development on land at: Tyn Rallt, Bodorgan.  Application Number: D56/2021/10. No Observations.

9.4       Full application for sand dune rejuvenation at: Tywyn, Aberfiraw. Application Number: FPL/2021/256 - circulated for information only and any Councillor was welcomed to respond individually.

10      Planning Decisions - NONE received.

11    Correspondence.

11.1   Save a Life Wales Application - Installation of Defibrillator in Hermon -

The Clerk confirmed that he had applied for a £ 500 contribution towards installing the new defibrillator in Hermon and was still waiting for an outcome.

11.2   The County Council (Temporary Prohibition Traffic Order) (Lane near Lhvyn Ysgaw to Trefri, Bodorgan) 2021 - It was noted that the Order required was to allow Openreach to carry out poles work and the lane was expected to be closed only on the 13th December 2021.

11.3   County Council Order (Temporary Prohibition Traffic Order) (Glantraeth Lane, Bethel) 2022 - It was noted that the Order was to allow Welsh Water to carry out necessary works and that the lane would be closed between 31st January and 2nd February 2022.

11.4   County Council Statement: More new quality Council housing on the way.

11.5   The County Council's Green Bin Subscription & Collection.

11.6   The County Council Consultation on the Housing Support Grant Strategy.

12     Date of Next Meeting - Tuesday, 15th March 2022.

The Chair thanked everyone for attending and declared the meeting closed at 8:05pm.