Minutes of BCC 13th October 2022

To Discuss & Decide the Community Council’s next steps regarding the future of the Old School & Community Centre in light of recent comments made by and received from members of the current Malltraeth Ymlaen Group . The Chair explained that the meeting had been urgently convened in accordance with Standing Order 6a of Bodorgan Community Council in order to response to the exchange of electronic mail between the Clerk of the Council and members of Malltraeth Ymlaen and the latest reply received confirming the comments of all the directors of Malltraeth Ymlaen, certain advisors to that board, and several registered members of the Company plus a statement issued in the recent Group’s website newsletter (September 2022 version).

The following matters were discussed at great length: .

Noted the Clerk’s apology and explanation for failing to allow Mr Alan Smith, Mr Capel Aris and others from attending the September monthly Zoom meeting. .

Noted the reference made to Malltraeth Ymlaen minutes, where in a similar allocation of precept funding, was reported by Dafydd Jones—then Chairman of the Community Council back in February 2019.

Noted that the Clerk had raised the point and suggested that a joint meeting between the Community Council, Malltraeth Ymlaen and the Community Centre Trust back in May 2022. This was proposed and approved, however, at the July 2022 meeting, the Community Council unanimously agreed that any joint meeting be deferred and put on hold pending confirmation that the Local Authority had received and accepted a Business Plan from the Malltraeth Ymlaen Group.

Noted Malltraeth Ymlaen’s response regarding a three-year lease of the school having been agreed between them and the Local Authority as a trial community centre during which time Malltraeth Ymlaen should raise funding for the purchase and refurbishment of the school and that they expect the lease will be available for signature in the near future.

Noted that the Malltraeth Ymlaen website has published the results of their community survey was undertaken to discover how the community wanted to use the community centre.

Noted that Malltraeth Ymlaen has refused the Community Council Clerks request for a copy of their Business Plan because they doubted the reception it will receive from members of the Community Council and feared that sensible observations would not be made.

Noted and refuted the claims, suggestion and conclusions that previous and most of the current council members were against Malltraeth Ymlaen’s efforts to rejuvenate the company and then to acquire the school as a community centre.

It also noted and refuted several actions undertaken by the Community Council to reduce the integrity and status of Malltraeth Ymlaen.

Again, to refute the claim made by Malltraeth Ymlaen that the Community Council reported in a derogatory manner in their minutes throughout 2020 and that there was opposition by the Community Council to restore Malltraeth Ymlaen and create a community centre.

Other points raised regarding suggested opposition has not been reported or mentioned at recent Community Council meetings. Therefore, the examples raised are of no relevance and should not be discussed by the Community Council.

Noted Mr Capel Aris further observation, taken from his attendance at Zoom meetings this year, being the Community Council’s lack of service and commitment to the community it serves and his opinion that the 10 councillors elected seem incapable of delivering.

Noted that the email had been sent and received by the Community Council following consultation and approval of the Support Groups, the Directors of Malltraeth Ymlaen, and some of the registered membership of Malltraeth Ymlaen who have witnessed some of the incidents noted and voiced their concerns accordingly.

Finally noted the statement issued in the Malltraeth Ymlaen Website Newsletter for September 2022 that the ‘Community Council has £16,000 of ratepayers’ money set aside for the Community Centre, and this could easily cover the costs of reopening, but as yet there is no sign of the funds being released’.

Having carefully considered all of the above, it was proposed and seconded and agreed unanimously that the following response and decision be made public and published on the website upon approval:

That Mr Capel Aris is entitled to his opinion, however, his comments above towards members of the Council are slanderous, derogatory and vexatious and requested that the Clerk takes further advice as to whether to allow Mr Aris to attend future Community Council meetings.

That the Community Council had fully discussed and explored the possibility of purchasing the building but due to extensive costs of repairs that were needed following a structural survey conducted and paid for by the Community Council in 2019. This together with the uncertainty of any unforeseen costs plus the asking price for purchasing the building, meant that this option was deemed unviable and that demolishing the building to create a smaller and smarter facility as the preferred option that would better serve the whole Community in the long term.

To clarify that the sum of £16,000 (£2,000 per year) is held in the Community Council reserves that has been built up over the last decade that was set aside in the annual precept to assist in the running costs of the previous Community Centre Group. As this Group did not submit an application for the last 8 years, this budgeted amount is no longer required and the Community Council has the sole legislative power to allocate and spend this public money elsewhere as they deem fit.

To clarify and confirm that Malltraeth Ymlaen does not directly have the right or power to claim that this money be released to them and that their declaration on the website is grossly inaccurate and misleading to the residents and the electorate of the Community .

Should the group wish to submit an official application for funding assistance, then they must do so, in writing to the Community Council. Any decision made must be on terms decided and agreed by members of the Community Council.

The matter of any other monies held by any other body is not of concern and within the interest of the Community Council.

Finally, and given the events of the last 2-3 years, it has been made known and brought to the attention of members of the Community Council that the current Malltraeth Ymlaen is not a lawful constituted body. Therefore, it was agreed to rescind the offer of a joint meeting with the Malltraeth Ymlaen Group and to draw a line in all matters regarding the future of the School and Community Centre and will not be engaging or responding to any further correspondence with any director(s) or member(s) of Malltraeth Ymlaen in this issue.