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Minutes of the Community Council virtual meeting held via ZOOM Conference, on

Tuesday, 16th November 2021.

1       Present:

Councillors Mr Dafydd Jones (Chair), Mr Tim Owen, Mr Andrew Hughes, Mr Gareth Evans,

Mr Gareth Evans, Mr Jeff Hughes, Mr. Selwyn Williams, Mr Myfr Davies and

Mr J Alun Foulkes (Clerk).

Also: County Councillors Mr Bryan Owen & Mr Peter Rogers.

2        Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from:

Councillors Mrs Arianwen Owen & Mrs Sharon Barton.

3        Welcome:

3.1       The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3.2       Members of the public and Mrs Pat Bobbie from Malltraeth Ymlaen Ltd were also welcomed and it was noted that the Council had no objection to members of the public attending the virtual meeting provided they were not being recorded and on the understanding that they were not seeking relevant information by representing any other local organizations.

4        Declaration of Interest

4.1      No personal interest that was prejudicial had been received.

5        To Correct & Approve Minutes of the Last Meeting.

5.1      Full Council Monthly Meeting 14/9/2021 - Motion (AH) & second (TO) that the minutes be approved as a true record. Unanimously agree and signed by the Chairman.

6        Matters arising from the minutes.

6.1       New Benches at the Cob Malltraeth - The Clerk informed members that the matter was in hand and it is expected that new ones were due to be installed before Spring 2022.

6.2       Hermon Flower Plot - Agreed that two estimates are required for discussion and decisione at next meeting. Councillors Mr Tim Owen and Mr Andrew Hughes to ensure that the Clerk receives both estimates.

6.3       Tree Cutting Trefdraeth Church Cemetery - expected that the work will be finished before the end of October 2021. Need to consider spending and repairing the retaining wall again. Councillor Mr Tim Owen and Mr Andrew Hughes to ensure that the Clerk receives the estimates by the next meeting.

6.4       Update on the Old Community School & Bodorgan Center - the Clerk had already circulated information on the latest events. As a result of all this information, it was proposed and decided, in principle, that the Community Council arranges a joint meeting with three members Malltraeth Ymlaen in the New Year (DJ / AH) - unanimously agreed.

6.5       Members Allowance 2021/22

Clerk requested members to return the form by the next meeting.

6.6       Tree Report, Sarn, Hermon - It was noted that another tree had fallen near the previous location. Motion and Seconded (TO / JH) that the Clerk sends a letter to the Highways Department asking them to carry out a Tree Inspection on the Land which is owned by the Bodorgan Estate in the best interests of health & safety for residents and vehicle users. Unanimously agreed.

6.7       Maes Glas, Bethel - the Clerk had shared a letter of concern that the safer route plan near the site had not started. Despite the original undertaking promised nearly 20 years ago, County Councillor Mr Bryan Owen, said he had spoken to Mr Huw Percy, Head of Highways at the County Council and that there had been developments and that the Authority would purchase the land, but gave no reassurance about when the scheme would start. He mentioned that promised funding had been given during 2019/2020 but this had now been diverted to another plan considered priority. It would appear that reliance on the Welsh Government to secure funding remains a problem for Bethel and this would include the relocation of 30mph speed signs. Calls were made by members for a traffic and speed management scheme as soon as possible to include compulsory land notice and that a strong letter be sent to the Authority to purchase the land as a matter of urgency and to ensure there was adequate funding for the scheme. Proposed (AH) and seconded (TO) and unanimously passed.

7 To Confirm Payments & Receipts:

Proposed & Seconded to approve the following list and agreed unanimously.


  • Mon Grass Cutting - £3,195 (Cemetery £2200 / Footpaths £840 / Cob & Cwt Glas £155).
  • Bodorgan Estates - £1,612.75 - 2nd Plot Repayment (2021/2022). Income
  • CSYM - Footpath Grant - £840.00.
  • Bank Reconciliation - Current Account as at 31st October 2021 £4,428.57
  • A letter received from Capel Bethel thanking the Community Council for the donation was duly noted.
  • Agreed to convene a meeting of the Finance Committee on Monday, 10th January 2022.

8         County Councillor's Report.

  • Morawelon & Hermon Estates Off Road Parking - Authority's Housing & Highways Departments reluctant to move forward - with OAP residing in some of these properties, there is a need to explore existing legislation for serious consideration to be given for these works to be carried out.
  • Bodorgan Old School House - confirmation that the property has been sold.
  • Bodorgan Estate Plot Boundary Fencing - confirmation that the previous dispute has now been resolved.
  • Reports and Complaints of recent Anti-Social Behaviour.

9        New Planning Applications

9.1                   Full application to Alter 8c Extend at: Forth Huron, The Drive, Malltraeth -Planning Application Number - HHP/2021/325 - NO OBSERVATIONS.

9.2                  Full application for demolition of existing garage together with the erection of garage/studio at: Porth Huron, The Drive, Malltraeth - Planning Application No: HHP/2021/326 - NO OBSERVATIONS.

10      Planning Decisions.

10.1                Full application for the construction of a new agricultural access at: Tan-Lan, Bethel, Bodorgan - Planning Application: FPL/2021/162 - APPROVED.

10.2                Application for the installation of a 22.5m high mast, the installation of equipment cabinets at ground level and ancillary development on land at: Tyn RaUt, Bodorgan - Planning Application: D56/2021/4 - WITHDRAWN.

11       Correspondence.

  • Anglesey and Gwynedd Joint Local Development Plan - Draft Review Report
  • Consultation on inquiry into second homes
  • Consultation - dangerous use of recreational and personal watercraft
  • Consultation: Housing Strategy 2022-2027 and Housing Needs Survey

12       Date of Next Meeting - Tuesday, 16th November 2021.

The Chair thanked everyone for attending and declared the meeting closed at 7:50pm.