Minutes of a full meeting of the Community Council held at Bodorgan Community Center on 29 January 2020.

1 Present

Councillors Mr Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Ms Sharon Barton, Mr Myfyr Davies, Mr Andrew Hughes, Mr Gwilym Looms, Mr Gareth Evans, Mr Jeff Hughes, Mr Selwyn Williams, County Councillor Mr Peter Rogers and Mr J Alun Foulkes (Clerk).

2 Apologies

County Councillor Mr Bryan Owen.

3 Welcome

3.1 Everyone was welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman.

4 Declaration of interest

4.1 No one declared a personal interest in any listed item.

5 Correction and approval of minutes

5.1 Monthly Meeting 25/11/2019 - motion (AH), second (MD) that it is correct.

6 Issues arising

6.1 Maes Glas Site, Bethel - members decided that they should re-open discussions with the County Council. The Clerk and the Chairman to proceed and provide them with a relevant letter.

6.2 Site of Entrance & Street Lamp, Morawelon Estate, Malltraeth - it was noted that this matter needs attention as soon as possible. The Clerk to draft a letter to the County Council with the assistance of the Chairman and County Councillor Bryan Owen.

6.3 Report of the Meeting with the County Council's Standards Committee - every member had received a copy of the report and the Chairman and the Clerk said that the members must pay serious attention to the report's comments.

6.4 Playground Equipment - it was noted that the Council had sold the equipment and received £250.00 for it. Therefore there was no need for a ROSPA inspection this year and it will have to be left to the insurance company who were no longer owned by the Community Council.

7 Financial matters

7.1 It was agreed with the Council's list of payments and receipts for the months of November & December 2019 on the same date and the Chairman signed the reconciliation document as well as the bane statement as confirmation.

7.2 It was unanimously agreed with a review and raising of Newport Cemetery burial fees and thanks to the Chairman for his work. (MD/GL).

7.3 Cemetery & Pathways Grass Cutting Agreement - agreed with Mon Grass Cutting Services estimate and extending the agreement up to 2023.

7.4 The Clerk had prepared a full report of the Council's 2019/2020 expenditure and receipts up to 31.3.2020 as well as notes and expected budget expenditure for setting the price for 2020/2021. He recommended that he should keep the price level at £11,500 for the year in order to protect what needed to be spent and owed to the Wales Audit Office, or £3,000. He was also aware that it was necessary to ensure that there was a small reserve fund as a precautionary measure and also to note that £12,000 of the £17,500 currently remaining had been earmarked for the construction of the proposed new Community Center in the village. Motion by MD and seconded by GL that the Council accept the recommendation and the members unanimously agreed.

7.5 Members agreed to carry forward the appointment of Cwmni I G Jones & Co, Chartered Accountants, Llangefni as the Community Council's Internal Auditor

7.6 It was agreed to pay the following bills:

1 Welsh Audit Office - £288.90 (Audit 2017/18)

2 Welsh Audit Office - £264.20 (Audit 2018/19)

7.7 Bethel Chapel - it was noted that a letter of thanks had been received by the Secretary of the Chapel thanking the Council for the contribution made towards the maintenance of the cemetery in the Chapel.

7.8 External Audit - the Clerk had now received every single final report since 2014 and every single member had received a copy of them. He had also updated the website and hopefully the reports had taught him lessons.

8 Bodorgan Centre report

A short and oral report was given by the Chairman:

8.1 The last two weeks have been horrible.

8.2 He gave a report on the Malltraeth Ymlaen Meeting and was very concerned about the behaviour of some individuals and their external intervention in setting up a separate support group in order to preserve the existing building. A more detailed report will be presented at the next meeting.

9 Correspondence

9.1 Local Government & Elections (Wales) Bill - a copy was distributed to all members for information only.

9.2 Town & Community Council Liaison Forum - it is expected to receive the minutes of a meeting held on 23 January 2020 which had focused on the County Council's Revenue & Capital Budget for 2020/21 and the Welsh language Strategy 2016-2020 and the role of Town & Community Council Language Champions

10 Date of next meeting

March (17/3/2020).

10.1 The meeting closed at 8:15pm.