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Minutes of a full meeting of the Community Council held at the Community Centre

Bodorgan on 17 SEPTEMBER 2019.

1 Preseny

Councilors Mr Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Mr Tim Owen, Ms Sharon Barton, Mr Myfyr Davies, Mr Andrew Hughes, Mr Gwilym Looms, Mr Gareth Evans, Mr Selwyn Williams, County Councilor Mr Bryan Owen and Mr J Alun Foulkes (Clerk).

2 Apologies

Councilor Mr Jeff Hughes & County Councilor Mr Peter Rogers.

3 Welcome

3.1 Everyone was welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman.

4 Declaration Of Interest

4.1 Councilor Andrew Hughes declared a personal interest in the planning application for Cefn Eithin, Malltraeth as he objects to the application as a tenant of Pen Pare, Malltraeth (next door). The personal interest was prejudicial and so he left the meeting when the item was being discussed.

5 Correction and approval of minutes

5.1 Special Meeting 24/6/2019 - proposed (AH), seconded (GL) and signed as correct.

5.2 Monthly Meeting 16/7/2019 - motion (AH), seconded (GL) that it is correct after correcting record 12.5, where 'Santes Dwynwen' School should have been indicated and not 'Santes Mary' School.

6 Issues arising

6.1 External Audit - the Clerk said that the documents of the Annual Audit have been sent to BDO Company and hopefully there will be a report by the next meeting.

6.2 Caravan, Swn y Mor - Councilor Bryan Owen said that he will go about it in order to resolve the situation and report back to the next meeting.

6.3 Maes Glas Site, Bethel - nothing more to report at this time.

6.4 Yellow Lines near the Surgery - Councilor Mr Bryan Owen to follow up and report back to the next meeting.

6.5 Street Lamp, Maes Parcio, Morawelon, Malltraeth - it was noted that this matter is in the hands of County Councillor, Mr Peter Rogers.

6.6 Survey of the Electoral Arrangements of the Island - a report from County Councilor Bryan Owen that changes have been recommended and ONE of them will be to move Llangristiolus ward to be part of Cefni. A full report and full consultation from the County Council is expected to follow once the process has been completed.

6.7 Ysgol Santes Dwynwen Report - the latest situation report was received from Councilor Tim Owen. It was noted that Councilor Andrew Hughes had been appointed on the new body. It was noted that 9 awards for the children of Ysgol Bodorgan had been made at an awards night in Llangefni recently following Iestyn's report. There was a general discussion to follow regarding the situation of Modernising Môn Schools.

7 Finance matters

7.1 The Council's list of payments and receipts for the months of July and August 2019 was agreed unanimously and the chairman signed the reconciliation document as well as a balance sheet as confirmation.

8 Amended planning applications report and deletion of conditions Cae Eithin, Malltraeth

8.1 Agree with reference to previous comments and noted that the planning application has been called in by the County Councillors.

9 Meeting with the Standards Committee of the County Council

9.1 The Chairman said that arrangements are in place to meet with the members of the Committee in October 2019 and report back to the Community Council at the next meeting.

10 Bodorgan Centre Report

10.1 The Chairman said that he had little to report other than that he had spoken to Mr Dylan Edwards from the County Council and a new asset transfer document is expected to be signed and it was noted with great disappointment that the Legal Department had not responded to the Ashworth Company. It was noted that damage to the Centre had occurred during the Summer and the County Council had been contacted in order to repair it - the great disappointment of the Police's response to these events was noted. Finally, he said that the Centre Committee had been organized in October to discuss recommendations for the future of the site and it may be necessary to establish a Sub-Committee in order to move any plan forward.

11 Correspondence

11.1 Town & Community Council Liaison Forum - for information only.

11.2 One Voice Wales - for information only.

  1. Close of the meeting

The meeting was closed at 7:55pm - next meeting date 18/11/2019.