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BODORGAN Community Council Minutes of Proceedings Tuesday 12 March 2019.

1 Present:

Mr Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Mr Tim Owen, Mr Andrew Hughes, Mr Jeff Hughes, Mr Gareth Evans & Mr J Alun Foulkes (Clerk).

County Councillors: Mr Bryan Owen & Mr Peter Rogers.

I.2 Apologies:

Mr Myfyr Davies & Mr Gwilym Looms.

2 Everyone was welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman.

3 Declaration of Interest:

Mr Andrew Hughes - Planning Application, Cae Eithin - That the personal interest was not prejudicial and he took part in the item.

4 Derby & Rectification of Records:

4.1 It was accepted and it was signed that the conclusions of the Full Committee held on the

22nd January 2019 were correct. (AH/TO).

5 Matters Arising from the Minutes.

5.1 Caravan, Malltraeth - County Councillor Bryan Owen to make further enquiries with the County Council.

5.2 Vacant seat - email received from Miss Sharon Barton - Motion by Andrew Hughes seconded by Jeff Hughes that we co-opt Miss Sharon Barton at our next meeting

5.3 Maes Glas site, Bethel - a full report and historical background was received from Mr Peter Rogers following a meeting he had with Mr Huw Percy from the County Council's Highways Department. He said he should see a new inspection plan follow in order to develop the site once Welsh Assembly Government funding becomes available, and progress is then expected. There was a brief discussion and Mr Rogers was asked to take the Council's comments back to Mr Percy and report further at the next meeting.

5.4 Bus Shelter - it is expected that the installation of the shelter will be completed within the next few days,

5.5 Ysgol Santes Ddwynwen - Tim Owen said that the work was finished and there was a visit to the site of his town - the site is expected to open at the end of April.


6.1 Receive & Sign the Council's Payments & Receipts (January & February 2019) - the report was received and signed unanimously.

6.2 The Council's New Statutory Rules were adopted by the Chairman.

6.3 The Council's New Finance Rules were adopted by the Chairman

7 New Planning Applications

7.1 Application to Amend Conditions of Planning Application Cae Eithin, Malltraeth, Bodorgan - VAR/2019/14 - Due to the complexities associated with this site, which is very close to the river, and the number of legal issues that no one has resolved, the members were of the opinion that they could not reject the revised proposals as they fail to deal & failures that are yet to be resolved. Consequently, oppose the current amendment application.

8 Report of the County Councillors.

8.1 The report Focused on a requirement for a Referendum on County Council Finance & Services which has led to a 9.5% increase in tax and there was a brief discussion with concerns about and the future of the Island.

9 Rodorgan School Report

9.1 A short report confirming that the School's keys go back to the County Council's Property Department at the end of the month.

10 The Centre Report

10 1 Latest full report from the Chairman including that the Committee of the

The Center has met without prejudice with Mr Dylan Edwards from the County Council's Property Department in order to share information and try to find out the current situation. No decision was made but it was noted that the County Council's Legal Department had not responded to a letter sent to them by the Ashurst Solicitors Firm and that a contribution towards Insurance & Heating Matters of the building needed to be considered as well as that there was a need for attention and examination of moisture concerns and poor insulation in parts of the building

11 Date of the Next Meeting-14 MAY 2019 - The meeting closed at 8:00pm.

List of Council Payments & Receipts.


12/03/2019 239 Mr J Alun Foulkes Salary January March 2019 £1,881.14


12/03/2019 HMRC- VAT 2019 £51.62


Brought forward

28 February 2019








Less outgoings




31 March 2019





Current account




Less unpresented cheques