Minutes of a Council meeting held at the Centre, Bodorgan on Tuesday night, 20th MARCH 2018.

1 Present:

Cllr Gwilym Looms (Chairman), Cllr Dafydd Jones, Cllr Gareth Evans, Cllr Andrew Hughes, Cllr Jeffrey Hughes, Cllr Selwyn Williams, Cllr Alwyn Rowlands, Cllr Tim Owen. County Councillor Mr Bryan Owen and Peter Rogers. Mr J Alun Foulkes (Temporary Clerk).

2 Apologies:

Councillor Gwen Burns and Councillor Myfyr Davies.

3 All members were welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman.

3.1 Cllr Tim Owen was welcomed to their first meeting.

4 Declaration of Interest.

4.1 Cllr Selwyn Williams showed an interest in the Tan Lan, Bethel, Bodorgan (15C97E) Planning application as he was the second applicant and he left the room during the discussions.

5 Receive the Minutes of the Council Meeting - 16 January 2018.

5.1 Accepted and signed that the records are correct (DGJ/SW).

6 Matters Arising from the Minutes.

6.1 Due to the illness of Cllr Gwen Bums, the members of the Council adopted s85 (1) & (2) of the Local Government Act as a sufficient reason why she could not attend the meetings at this time.

6.1 Caravan, Malltraeth - it was noted that attention is needed regarding the current situation.

6.2 Cyfford Cefn Dderwen Junction - it was noted and decided that the situation required attention

6.3 Carreg Ceiliog Bach - report that the situation has been completed.

6.4 Meeting with Audit Cymru - a report from the Chairman that the External Auditor needs record evidence for the 2013/14 & 2014/15 annual accounts following a meeting held before Christmas.

6.5 Old Council Documents - the Chairman and Vice-Chairman said that there is a right to make arrangements to recover all the Council's documents which are in a container at Cefn Cwmwd by the next meeting.

6.6 Mandate of the Bank - the Clerk said that he will make arrangements to correct the Mandate of the Bank as well as request an up-to-date balance sheet and a new cheque book.

6.7 New Notice Boards - it was decided to proceed with the purchase of a new notice board and place it near Newford Cemetery and with a bus stop, Bethel and allocate funding of at least £500.00.

6.8 Groeslon Hermon Back Lane to Aberffraw - tidying and repair work required on holes.

6.9 Ynys M6n Coastal Path - report that work requiring attention to the Stampa has been done.

6.10 Clerk's position - the members decided to appoint Mr Alun Foulkes as temporary Clerk from April 2018 until 31 March 2019 and he was thanked for undertaking the work on behalf of the Council.

7 Finance Matters - Payments & Receipts:

7.1 Payments.

7.1.1 One Voice Swales Membership Fee 2018/19 - £148.00

7.1.2 Anglesey County Council - May 2017 Election Costs - £270.00

7.1.3 Mr John Roberts - Internal Audit - £70.00

7.2 Admissions

7.2.1 Burial - Late Richard Lewis Jones (3/3/2018) £240.00

7.3 Setting up a Panel in order to respond to the requirements of an External Auditor.

7.3.1 The members were agreed to appoint Cllr Dafydd Jones, Cllr Alwyn Rowlands and Cllr Tim Owen with the Clerk to correct the Council's financial documents over the next year and report back to the Council when possible.

7.3.2 The members agreed to appoint Cllr Alwyn Rowlands to work together with the Clerk in order to correct the Council's burial books.

7.3.3 The members agreed not to claim £500.00 which is on offer to each Councilor following the Local Government review.

7.3.4 Members agreed, unanimously, to make a donation of £100.00 towards the Welsh Air Ambulance Charity (DGJ/JH).

8 New Planning Applications.

8.1 Modification & Expansion Planning Application at Ty Moel, Bodorgan (15C226) -Decision - NO COMMENTS.

8.2 Full Modification & Expansion Application at Tan Lan, Bethel, Bodorgan (15C97E) -Decision - NO COMMENTS.

9 Cemeteries Matters.

9 1 Burial Prices - it was confirmed that the prices have been revised to include any child under 18 - burial costs - NIL.

10 Highways Matters.

10.1 Maes Glas, Bethel - due to a historic agreement, the members decided that the time had come once again that it was necessary to re-raise and resolve the issue with the County Council's Highways Department.


  1. Mon Branch Meeting Notice - One Llais Cymru - 22 March 2018 at the County Hall, Llangefni starting at 7:00pm.

12 Community Defibrillators

12.1 It was agreed in principle to support and contribute costs required for the maintenance of the Community Defibrillator which is located in the Community Hall,

13 The Future of the Community School

13,1 Cllr Dafydd Jones gave the members a full historical report since 2013 with discussions and efforts to resolve the future of the School with the Chief Executive of the County Council and that things had quieted down until he received an email from Mr Dylan Edwards from the Property Department asks him to attend an informal meeting without prejudice in order to try to discuss any step forward. It is expected that there will be developments on the horizon and certainly within the 12 months. He said the building was unique due to its charitable status and therefore expected a response with a legal opinion before proceeding.

14 Date of the Next Meeting - Annual Meeting - 15 MAY 2018.

14.1 The Chairman thanked all members for attending. The meeting closed at 8:55pm.