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BO0ORGAN Community Council Minutes of Meeting Tuesday 18th September 2018.

1 Present:

Mr Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Mr Alwyn Rowlands (Vice-Chairman),

Mr Tim Owen, Mr Gwilym Looms, Mr Andrew Hughes, Mr Myfyr Davies,

Mr Jeff Hughes, Mr Selwyn Williams & Mr Gareth Evans.

County Councillors: Mr Bryan Owen & Mr Peter Rogers.

2 Everyone was welcomed by the Chairman.

He also explained that the Clerk was unable to attend due to illness, and that he would make an effort to keep memories.

3 Declaration of Interest:

Mr Dafydd Jones - Item The Centre.

Mr Andrew Hughes - Planning Application., Llwyn Derwen

Mr Jeff Hughes - Planning Applications, Pen y Bont Farm.

4 Receipt & Correction of Memos:

4.1 It was accepted and it was signed that the Finance Committee minutes held on 13th August 2018 were correct. (AR/TO).

4.2 It was noted that the spelling of "bus" required a slight correction in the 5:5 minutes of Full Council held on the 17th of July 2018.

4.3 The Chairman failed to proceed to correct the rest of the memorials as Councillor Mr Gwilym Looms was not willing to accept 6:2 for unclear reasons and therefore was not willing to proceed to accept the memorials. He and Councillor Andrew Hughes made several attempts to discuss Capel Bethel Cemetery, although the Chairman made it clear that he would do so after receiving the minutes. They also needed a discussion and Section 137 of the Local Government Legislation The Chairman read a document that was relevant, but nothing was added.

4.4 Due to the continued failure to receive the minutes, the Chairman decided that it was not possible to proceed with the meeting and declared that he was adjourning the meeting after discussing the planning applications that were before him , and one confidential issue.

5 New Planning Applications

5.1 Application for Determination of Prior Permission for the erection of an Agricultural Shed for keeping animals and machinery and agricultural food on land in:

LOCATION: Pen y Bont Farm, Malltraeth, Bodorgan - 15C3QJ. DECISION: NO COMMENTS.

5.2 Full Application for Modification & Expansion in;

LOCATION: Trefle, Bodorgan - 15C164D. DECISION: NO COMMENTS.

53 Full Application for erecting an Agricultural Shed for keeping animals and machinery and agricultural food on land in:

LOCATION: Pen y Bont Farm, Malltraeth, Bodorgan - 15C30K. DECISION: NO COMMENTS.

5.4 Full Application to change an existing garage to a self-contained annex together with Adaptation & Expansion including a deck area in:

LOCATION: Llwyn Derwen, Bodorgan - 15C46E. DECISION: NO COMMENTS.

5.5 Full Modification & Expansion Application (Proposed & Additional Information) in:

LOCATION: Cartref y Rhos, Malltraeth, Bodorgan - 15C1M. DECISION: NO COMMENTS.


6.1 The Chair referred to correspondence received from the Wales Audit Office, emphasizing that what he was disclosing was completely confidential. It was explained that there was no report to hand, only a factual document requesting comment on the accuracy of what the auditor had discovered. The last page of the English document was read and we will now have to wait for the Office's decision to make the Council's shortcomings public.


7.1 Councillor Looms raised a question as to why "Any other matter" does not appear on the agenda anymore. He declared that the Council had not made a decision to dissolve it. The Chairman tried to explain that this was not the right way to include it in accordance with statutory rules but that the Chairman had the right to allow it. Also, it would not have been possible to make any decision other than including it on the agenda of the next meeting. This explanation was not acceptable and he wanted the Clerk's attention on the point Following this, the meeting was closed by the Chairman.