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Minutes of a meeting of the Council held in Y Ganoffan, Bodorgan on Tuesday evening, 16 January 2018.

1 Present:

Cllr Gwllym Looms (Chairman), Cllr Dafydd Jones, Cllr Gareth Evans, Cllr Myfyr Davies, Cllr Andrew Hughes, Cllr Jeffrey Hughes, Cllr Selwyn Williams, Cllr Alwyn Rowlands. County Councillor Mr Bryan Owen and Mr J Alun Foulkes (Temporary Clerk).

2 Apologies:

Cllr Gwen Burns and County Councillor Mr Peter Rogers.

3 All members were welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman.

4 Declaration of Interest.

4.1 No interest was shown.

5 Receive the Minutes of the Council Meeting-21 November 2017.

5.1 The records were accepted and signed as correct (DGJ/AH) on 61 corrections:

5.2 That he should have combined memorials 7 & 11 under 'Cemetery Matters*.

5.3 Record (9.2) where it should have been said 'not done' rather than 'done' when reference was made to easing the situation near the B4422 junction to the A4080.

6 Matters Arising from the Minutes.

6.1 Caravan, Malltraeth - it was noted that the caravan was 61 and it was decided to leave the situation in the hands of County Councillor Bryan Owen.

6.2 Parking, Hermon - continue to await the report of County Councillor, Mr Peter Rogers.

6.3 Carreg Ceiliog Bach Junction - report that the situation remains unacceptable - Councillor Bryan Owen said the situation is under control.

6.4 Meeting with Audit Cymru - it was noted that the Council had not received a further report from Mr Ian Hughes for the 2013/14 & 2014/15 annual accounts following a meeting held before Christmas.

6.5 Old Council Documents - the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman said that there was attention in hand to make arrangements to recover all the Council's documents which are in a container in Cefn Cwmwd by the next meeting.

6.6 Mandate of the Bank - arrangements are requested to correct the mandate of the Bank and request a balance sheet - Cllr Andrew Hughes to make arrangements with the bank and add Mr Selwyn Williams and Mr Alwyn Rowlands as Council signatories.

6.8 It was confirmed that Mr Alun Foulkes had sent a letter to HMRC regarding the Council that had registered for PAYE until July 2017 asking for guidance.

6.9 It was confirmed that inquiries have been made regarding the Council's Website and that it will be necessary to update as soon as possible.

6.10 It was confirmed that arrangements had been made with the County Council in order to receive reimbursement of the Society Council's Pathways costs for 2017.

6.11 Inspection of Playing Fields - Cllr Alwyn Rowlands was thanked for his work in taking on the responsibility of keeping an eye on and inspecting the playing fields on a monthly basis as part of the Council's risk policy.

6.12 Gwrchyn near 5 Teras lorwerth - it was noted that more attention is needed to the overgrowth - County Councillor, Bryan Owen to contact a member of the County Council's Highways Department.

6.13 New Notice Boards - it was decided to proceed with the purchase of a new notice board and place it near Trefdraeth Cemetery and next to bus stop, Bethel and allocate funding

of £500.00.

6.14 Mr Gwilym Davies' Letter of Resignation - the Chairman read the letter received and it was decided to accept it with thanks to him for all his service to the Council. The Administration Officer was asked to contact the Election Department of the County Council in order to start the process of advertising the vacant seat for the Llangadwaldr Ward and to fill it by the next meeting.

7 Finance Matters - Payments & Receipts:

7.1 Payments.

7.1.1 Bodorgan Community Centre - Room Hire - £112.00

  1. 1 .2 Gwynedd Office Supplies - New Account Book - £34.50
  2. 1 .3 Shaw & Sons - Burial Registration Book - £ 1 92.00

7.1.4 Eden Burial Registration Book £37.99

7.2 Admissions

7.2. 1 Isle of Anglesey County Council - Reimbursement of Routes Costs 201 7 - £650.00

7.2.2 Anglesey County Council - Third Priseb 201 7/201 8 - £2,783.33

7.3 Organizing Priecept for Financial Year 2018-2019.

7.3.1 Cllr Dafydd Jones had provided a budget for the Council for 2018-2019 showing all expenditure and receipts list. Total expenditure was £375.00 more than the receipts and due to the uncertainty of the costs of an external auditor as well as the PAYE refund, there was a recommendation that the price should be raised to £8,600 for the year. The recommendation was unanimously AGREED with thanks to Cllr Dafydd Jones for his work in providing the document.

7.3.2 The Administration Officer said that since the Council had around £15,000 in the current account and that it should open a Savings Account and transfer £10,000 to this account for the payments mentioned above. AGREED,

8 Cemeteries Matters.

8.1 Cutting the Cemetery - Application by Cwmni Mon Grass Cutting for cutting the Cemetery - total £2,620, Agreed to accept the price. The Administration Officer to confirm the insurance policy with the Company and request a copy from them.

9 Mowing & Path Matters.

9.1 Again, ONE request was received from Mon Grass Cutting Services - a total of £865.00 for cutting the Public Paths, £105.00 for cutting the grass around the Cob benches and £50.00 for cutting near Cwt Glas. The application was accepted unanimously and Cllr Alwyn Rowlands was again thanked for his work over many years and for taking on the responsibility of showing A Company all the sites that needed attention.

10 Highways Matters.

10.1 Lon Gefn Groeslon Hermon to Aberffraw - needs tidying up and repairs to the potholes.

10.2 Ynys Môn Coastal Path - needs attention to the stile.

11 New Planning Applications.

No application had been received.


No correspondence had been received.

13 Date of the Next Meeting- 20 MARCH 2018.

13.1 The Chairman thanked all members for attending. The meeting closed at 8:15pm.