Minutes of the Community Council meeting held at Bodorgan Community Center - 13 November 2018

1 Present:

Councillors Mr Dafydd Jones (Chairman), Mr Alwyn Rowlands, Mr Sehvyn Williams Mr Garetn Evans, Mr Myfyr Davies, Mr Andrew Hughes. Slrol Councillor Mr Peter Rodgers and Mr J Alun Foulkes (Clerk).

2 Apologies:

Councillors Mr Tim Owen & Mr Gwlym Looms County Councillor Mr Bryan Owen.

3 All members were welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman.

4 Declaration of Interest.

4.1 Mr Dafydd Jones as Trustee of the Centre although the personal interest was not prejudicial and therefore he took part in the item.

4.2 Mr Andrew Hughes when the Bethel Chapel Cemetery item is discussed although he had no personal interest s/n prejudice and therefore took part in the item.

5 Bethel Chapel Cemetery

5.1 It was unanimously agreed that as the property does not belong to the Community Council there was no statutory responsibility. Therefore it should not carry on with the current arrangement and that the Chapel will have to make arrangements to cut its own grass.

5.2 It was agreed that the Council will want to carry on with a generous contribution and that the Council Committee will make this recommendation at the next Committee at the end of the year.

6 Acceptance & Correction of Full Committee Minutes -17/7/2018.

6.1 The minutes were accepted and signed as correct (AR/SW).

7 Receipt & Correction of Full Committee Minutes -18/9/2018.

7.1 Members decided to remove the problems with the two members aY from record 4.4.

7.2 Following this accuracy, the records were accepted and signed as correct (SW/AH).

8 Matters in code! from Finance Committee minutes -13/8/2018.

8.1 Minute 3.2 - should have stated the statutory power of S214 and not S137 when it comes time to decide the contribution of the cemeteries.

8.2 Due to the uncertainty of total funding remaining - it was decided to reduce the Centre's contribution from £12,000 to £10,000 when the opportunity comes to open a savings account.

8.3 It was decided that Finance Committee members should re-look at the terms of reducing the Clerk's hours from 7 hours to 6 hours per week from April 2019 onwards at their next meeting.

9 Matters arising from the minutes of Full Committee -17/7/2018.

9.1 Caravan, Malltraeth - County Councillor Peter Rogers to bring the Council's latest concerns to the attention of the County Council.

9.2 Carreg Ceiliog Bach site - the Clerk to send a letter to the Highways Department asking them to arrange a visit to the site following the safety concerns of the members.

9.3 New notice boards - need to organize the installation of the two notice boards.

9.4 Lane Gefn Groeslon Hermon - Aberffraw-report that the situation has improved.

9.5 Maes Glas Bethel site - no change and huge disappointment was shown that the situation has dragged on for 21 years now.

9.6 Inspection of the Playground - done.

10 Matters arising from the minutes of Full Committee -18/9/2018.

10.1 No issue arose.

  1. Empty Seat.

11.1 Although a dozen banners had shown interest - no official application had been received

12 Finance Matters.

12.1 It was agreed with a list of the Council's payments and receipts between July and October 2018 unanimously and the Chairman signed the document as well as reconciling the bane's balance sheet as confirmation.

12.2 Disappointment was shown that the BDO External Audit report had not been received until now.


13.1 Request to Rebuild Line llkV above ground between Bryn Du, Malltraeth and Aberffraw - Cat Number 10EL1531B/E - NO COMMENTS.

13.2 Full Application to Modify & Extend at Carreg Ceiliog Mawr, Bethel - Application Number 15C154A - NO COMMENTS.


14.1 Erection of an Agricultural Shed - Bodragolwyn, Bodorgan (15C108C) - PERMISSION.

14.2 Application for Prior Permission to Erect an Agricultural Shed at Pen y Bont Farm, Malltraeth (15C30J) - PRIOR PERMISSION REQUIRED.

14.3 Full Application for Change of Use of Existing Garage to Annex Huangynaliadwyyn Llwyn Derwen, Bodorgan (15C46E) - PERMISSION.

14.4 Full Alteration & Extension Application at Trefle, Bodorgan (15C164D) - PERMISSION.

15 PUBLIC CONSULTATION SUPPLEMENTARY PLANNING GUIDELINES Open paces in New Housing Developments. Local Market Housing. The Clerk to provide and send a response to this Consultation on behalf of the Council.


16.1 The County Council's Tax Setting Report and he was concerned about the future of several assets owned by the Council including Local Schools.

16.2 Hafan Cefni Opening Report.


17.1 There was a report from Councillor Andrew Hughes regarding the integration of pupils following the closure of the school in Bodorgan and matters of pupils' transport.

17.2 Councillor Alwyn Rowlands had organized a Halloween Night in the Centre

17.3 A report that the County Council will have responsibility for the maintenance of the building until 2019.

17.4 That the Governing Body will exist until 2019.


18.1 A full report from the Chairman that our Solicitors have sent a letter to the County Council since September but have not received a response from them.

18.2 He was also awaiting a Structural Survey from Cwmni Cadarn Consulting.


19.1 Independent Review Panel of Community & Town Councils in Wales (Final Report) - received the pack for information only.

19.2 Draft Annual Report of the Independent Panel for Wales on Financial Remuneration - members of the public must send a letter to the Clerk if they wish to claim expenses or not.

19.3 We requested an Additional Defibrillator - the Council unanimously agreed to purchase an additional ONE if GrwpTrefdraeth was willing to contribute fully to the cost. (AR/AH).

20 DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING - 22/1/2019.

The meeting closed at 8:50pm.