Minutes of a meeting of the Council held at The Centre, Bodorgan on Tuesday, 2nd November 2017.

1 Present:

Cllr Gwilym Looms (Chairman}, Cllr Dafydd Jones, Cllr Gareth Evans, Cllr Myfyr Davies, Cllr Andrew Hughes, Cllr Jeffrey Hughes, Cllr Sehvyn Williams, Cllr Ahvyn Rowlands. Slrol Councilor Mr Bryan Owen and Mr J Alun Fbulkes (Temporary derc) .

2 Apologies:

Cllr Gwen Burns and Cllr Gwlym Davles. Slrol Councilor Mr Peter Rogers.

3 All members were welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman.

3.1 It was mentioned that Cllr Gwen Burns had received treatment at Liverpool Hospital and that the

Chairman wished her a speedy recovery. The Council implemented Section 85(1) of the Local Government Act 1972 for Cllr Gwen Burns

4 Declare Interest.

The following Prejudicial Interest was shown:

4.1 Councilor Gareth Evans as Tenant,

5 Receive the Minutes of the Council Meeting - 19 September 2017.

5.1 It was accepted and it was signed that the memorials are correct on 61 memorial corrections (4.7) Cllr Dafydd Jones should be referred as Chairman of the Center Committee. (DGJ/MD).

6 Matters Arising from the Minutes.

  1. 1 Mr Alun Foulkes offered his service to the Council until March 2019 in order to stabilize the Council. He was thanked and the proposal was accepted unanimously.

6.2 Lledu Lon, Bethel - a report from DGJ/AR that this matter is in Haw and the work is expected to be within the County Council's 201 8/2019 list and budget.

6.3 Caravan, Malltraeth - the situation was left in the hands of County Councilor Bryan Owen and Peter Rogers.

6.4 Parking, Hermon - continue to wait for the report of County Councilor, Mr Peter Rogers.

6.5 Cefn Dderwen/Carreg Ceiliog Bach Junction - report that the situation remains unacceptable - Councilor Bryan Owen to follow up with an Officer from the County Council.

6.6 It was noted that the Council had not received Mr Ian Hughes' report from the Welsh Audit for the 2013/14 & 2014/15 annual accounts.

6.7 The Chairman and Vice-Chairman were asked that they need attention and make arrangements to recover all the Council's documents which are in a container in Cefh Cwmwd by the next meeting.

6.8 It is requested to make arrangements to correct the Bane's mandate and request a balance sheet - Cllr Andrew Hughes to make arrangements with the Bane.

6.9 It was confirmed that Mr Alun Foulkes had sent a letter to HMRC regarding the Council that had registered for PAYE until July 2017 asking for a referral.

  1. 1 0 It was confirmed that inquiries regarding the Council's Website were in hand, 6. 1 1 It was confirmed that VAT refund inquiries and arrangements had been made.
  2. 12 It was confirmed that arrangements with the County Council in order to receive reimbursement of the costs of the Society's Pathways for 2016 had been made.
  3. 1 3 It was agreed that Cllr Alwyn Rowlands undertake the responsibility of keeping an eye on and inspecting the playing fields on a monthly basis as part of the Council's risk policy.

7 Issues Arising.

7.1 Cwmni Mon Grass Cutting had shown an interest in undertaking the work of cutting the grass of the playing fields. Before moving on the members decided to advertise a tender and a description of the work on the County Council's website and on the local notice board and report back to the next meeting.

8 Routine Matters.

8 1 The decision of the September meeting was confirmed and Cllr Alwyn Rowlands had created a tender detail document for the work which requires advertisement in the press and the local notice boards.

9 Highways Matters.

9.1 Glass required on the A4080 opposite on road from the Car Park to the highway at

Malltraeth as it is not possible to see vehicles coming from the direction of Newborough until about a road banner out if there are vehicles parked in the bay by the bridge. Lines have been placed on part of the layby but they are not effective. It was decided to contact Llinos Medi (Leader of the County Council) in order to resolve.

9.2. It was noted that the County Council was committed to doing this work annually and it was confirmed that the work that required cutting overgrowth/branches in order to lighten the situation near the B4422 junction to the A4080 this year had been done.

9.3 It was noted that an overgrown hedge near 5 Lorwerth Terrace needed attention - County Councilor Bryan Owen to contact a member of the County Council's Highways Department.

9.4 It was noted that there was a parking problem near the Slop Malltraeth junction and to keep track of the situation.

10 Notice board

10.1 It was necessary to consider the purchase of a new notice board in Newport Cemetery and at the bus stop, Bethel.

11 Cemeteries Matters.

11.1 It was confirmed that new registers have been purchased for research on people who have buried during the last four years to ensure that the register and the Council's papers are correct and burial prices will be reviewed for approval in the new year .


12 Payments & Receipts: Payments.

12.1.1 Bodorgan Properties - Half Yearly Rent (May - November 2017) - £1,612.75.

12.1.2 Mr Alwyn Rowlands - Maintenance & Maintenance Costs of Cemeteries & Pathways including the Malltraeth Cob & Cwt Glas, Malltraeth - £3,385.00


12.2.1 R Hughes & Son - Headstone Installation Fee - Late William J Evans - £160.00.

12.2.2 John Hughes & Son - Burial Costs - Late of Bryan Newns Austin - £480.00

12.2.3 Isle of Anglesey County Council - Reimbursement of Routes Costs 2016 - £650.00

13 New Planning Applications.

13.1 Full Application for Modification & Expansion received:

LOCATION: Cartref Preswyl y Rhos, Malltraeth - 15C1M - NO COMMENTS.

13.2 Section 73 Application to vary Condition (02) of appeal decision reference APP/L6805/A/13/2194277 in:

LOCATION Hen Feudy, Feram Bailey, Newport, Bodorgan - 15C29M/VAR -NO COMMENTS.


14.1 Correspondence was noted regarding the costs of burying any person under 18 - after the assembly's document responded.

14.2 It was noted the importance of all members being familiar with the Code of Conduct and that they should attend local courses organized for Town & Community Councils.

14.3 Horizon document - it was noted and there was a discussion about keeping waste on the Wylfa site before a suitable site becomes available

15 Date of the Next Meeting- 16 JANUARY 2018.

15.1 The Chairman thanked all members for attending. The meeting closed at 8:35pm.