Bodorgan Community Council Meeting Minutes Tuesday Night. 21st of March. 2017

Present: G. Looms (c), A M Hughes, D G Jones, G. Evans, S Williams, W Griffiths, Cllr P Rogers, Rh. Khardani

1 Apologies: Myfyr Davies, G 0 Davies, Jeff Hughes, Cllr. A. Griffiths

2 Declaration of interest - DGJ - Member of Panel 14, Responsibility for the invoice which has been submitted to the Council For pay for cleaning the Hall for Council meetings.

AMH - member of Aberffraw 2012.

  1. Looms - letter from Mon Young Farmers Club.
  2. Minutes of the March 2017 Meeting - approval / issues in code.

Bethel Flats - the problems are still going on at the site, added Cllr. P Rogers that the situation is appalling as it is. The Police are aware of the situation and of the feelings of people who live near the flats.

DGJ's letter acknowledged by Kirsty Williams, Welsh Government.

Plot Llyr Davies - direct payment - Llyr has never completed / confirmed that he has completed the forms the clerk has sent to him, clerk to resend the forms and letter so that he acknowledges that he is aware of the agreement to pay the rent by bank, if he is not willing to do this he will break his agreement and further steps will have to be taken if the Council has not received confirmation of this. RK

Bethel Footpath - the piece of land has been bought but there is no money to carry out the work.

Lane near Tan Lan - patching of the lane has been done but following this the lane is uneven.

Plot 9 - GE - accuracy, clerk to contact Bodorgan Estate.

Malltraeth Caravan - Officers from the County Council want to make a site visit.

Code of Conduct - the Code of Conduct was accepted at the meeting in January 2017.

VAT - need to check if there is VAT on the Water bills.

The minutes were received correctly by SW with AMH seconding.

4 Payments Clerk's wages £260 (two months) clerk's expenses £43, Un Dais Cymru Membership £139.00, Hall hire fee for the CC £98.00

Receipts R Hughes and Son £480 (Elizabeth Griffith memorial), R Hughes and Son £90 (installation of Ann Lopez's flat headstone).

5 Correspondence from Council Sir Ynys Mon; for information

Executive's forward work program 02/17 -10/17

Library Service Draft Strategy 2017-22

Briefing Note For Town and Community Councillors in Ynys Mon, Special Permit  Local Government

Code of Conduct 200 - it was approved and accepted at the January meeting.

6 External Services Correspondence - for information

Air Ambulance Cymru / Wales Air Ambulance - agreed to give £100 as a donation

Your Area, What's important/ Its our area, what's important Gwynedd & Mon Partnership,

Mon Young Farmers Club - fundraising, fundraising - agreed 1 buy a £25 brick.

Response to National Grid's consultation - Response to the National Grid Pylons

Walk For Life - 2017

The 2018 Review of Parliamentary constituencies in Wales

7 Planning Processes

Request from Aberffraw 2012 to set panel/ planning application - Chris Bowler - AMH and DGJ left the room when discussing this application because it is on the Aberffraw 2012 board. No objection but must be in black and white that the Aberffraw 2012 will maintain and keep the tables in the future and insure it if necessary. 

Appeal letter 15C164C, land, Malltraeth - no comment

8 Planning Decisions - for information.

15C215C - Granted - Tyddyn Bwrtais, Llangadwaladr

15C221A - Granted - The Brackens Heath, Malltraeth

9 Feedback from the County Councillor

Education Funding - the problem of Education funding exists across Wales, Cllr. P Rogers has attended the meeting of the Governors of Ysgol Gyfun Llangefni and the situation is a difficult one and there will be staff cuts at the school. There are cuts across the posts in every school in the County,

Tegfryn Garage - the owner will receive a letter from the Local Planning Enforcement Team, the letter has not been sent yet.

Waste - 'fly tipping' is a problem all over the Island. Kingdom UK Company has) been given a 12 month trial contract to solve the rubbish problem, the company will fine people who are found breaking the law. There is success all over the Island following the sharing of litter box trolls and the percentage of re-catch has greatly increased on the Island.

10 Bodorgan Community Council website

The Website will go live following the May 2017 Election.

11 Any Other Matters

Bodorgan Community Centre (DGJ) will not come to the Community Council's request for Financial Assistance next year, the finances look very good at the moment.

Film - by now Ysgol Bodorgan, Henblas,Llangaffo, Newborough and Dwyran have completed the production of the film, the film will be shown to the community, the quality of the film is excellent, it will be shown on a projector screen.

Councillor Ann Griffiths - sent a message to AMH regarding that she will not be standing in the May elections as a County Councillor, she wanted to thank the Council for their joint work and wish them well in the future.

11 Next Meeting Date: 16th May, 2017 at 7pm