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Minutes of a meeting of the Council held at Bodorgan Community Centre on Tuesday, 1st September 2017.

1 Present:

Cllr Gwlym Looms (Chairman). Cllr Dafydd Jones, Cllr Gareth Evans, Cllr Gwlym Davies, Cllr Myfyr Davies, Cllr Andrew Hughes, Cllr Selwyn Williams, Cllr Alwyn Rowlands,

2 Apologies:

Cllr Jeffrey Hughes & Cllr Gwen Burns. Councillor  Bryan Owen.

3 All present were welcomed by the Chairman,

3.1 It was mentioned that Cllr Gwen Bums had received treatment in Liverpool Hospital and that the Chairman wished her a speedy recovery,

4 Interesting Data.

the following Prejudiced Interest has been shown

4.1 The appointment of Alwyn Rowlands as council mowing contractor

4.2 Councilor Gwilym Owen Davies as tenant's relative.

4.3 Councilor Myfyr Davies as tenant's relative.

4.4 Councilor Gwilym Looms as tenant's relative.

4.5 Councilor Gareth Evans as tenant.

4.6 Councilor Andrew Hughes as Tenant.

4.7 Councilor Dafydd Jones as Chairman

5 Clerk’s position.

5.1 A full report was received from the Chairman including several phone calls with the clerk following a meeting called with her on the 8th of September and then referring to the emergency meeting held on Thursday, the 15th of September concerning the clerk’s position in the Council following the inspection and report of UHY Hacker Young, Ian Hughes from Wales Audit, Internal auditors John Roberts and Alun Foulkes.

5.2 Following the above the Chairman had received a letter of immediate resignation from the Clerk with her reasons. What was suggested was noted and the members accepted the resignation (DGJ/MD).

5.3 Mr Alun Foulkes was welcomed to the meeting. The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman had asked him to attend the meeting and take up the position of Acting Clerk. They approved what they had done.

5.4 When the time comes, it is requested that the position will be a bilingual.

6 Receive Minutes of the Council- 18th July 2017.

6,1 Accepted ai: it was signed that the minute sare correct

7 Matters arising from Records.

7.1 Lledu Lane, Bethel – DGJ AR report that this issue is in hand and that the work is within the County Council's 201 3/2019 budget.

7.2 Giat Plot Gareth Evans - report that the situation has been resolved.

7.3 Caravan, Malltraeih - no more dispute.

7.4 Parking, Hermon - continue to wait for County Councillor's report, Mr Rogers.

7.5 Carreg Ceiliyg Bach Junction - report that the contractor has completed the work.

8 Receive the Council's Urgent Notices - 4 September 2017,

8.1 Received and signed that the minutes are correct (DGJ/AR)

9 Matters Arising

9.1 Thanks were given to Cllr Dafydd Jones for his speech on behalf of the Council.

9.2 Thanks to Mrs Rogers for providing records.

9.3 It was agreed that the issues raised in Mr Alun Foulkes' report should be expanded.

10 Payments:

10.1 Zurich Insurance-Annual Insirance- £423. 93

10.2 Insurance Llangadwaladr - maintenance - £150.00

10.3 Bodorgan School -Donation - £250.00. rum

11 Materials Finance &

11.1 It should be noted that the Clerk received ONE salary at the end of last year and therefore it was decided that no further payments should be made to her (DGJ/AH).

11.2 Mr Ian Hughes' Welsh Audit report for the 2013/14 & 2014/15 annual accounts has not yet been received,

11.3 It was decided and agreed that the Chairman and Vice-Chairman should make arrangements to recover all of the Councils documents in a safe store and make further arrangements for storage in the School.

11 .4 Make arrangements for correcting the Bank's mandate.

11.5 The Council's request to register with HMRC for PAYE was confirmed in July 2017 and Mr Alun Foulkes sent her a letter asking for guidance

11.6 Mr Alun Foulkes wanted to make an inquiry regarding the Council's report back to the next meeting.

11.7 Mr Alun Foulkes wanted to make VAT refund inquiries and arrangements.

11 .8 Mr Alun Foulkes requested to make arrangements with the County Council to receive reimbursement of the 2016 costs of the Senior Citizens' Paths.

12 Playing Fields Issues

12.1 It was noted that the ROSPA Committee had drawn up a report on the playground on 19/6/2017.

12.2 It was noted and agreed that a search and rescue team should investigate monthly sporting events as part of the Council's risk policy and Alwyn Rowlands was asked to do this on behalf of the Council, (DOJ/GL).

13 Mowing and paths agreement

13.1 Cllr Aiwyn Rowlands said that he did not intend to continue with the agrteement because it is not in the interests of the Council. It was decided that a document should be drawn up about the work and Alwyn should be asked to provide the specifications of his work that are needed in order to advertise in the local newspaper and notice boards,

14 Cemetery Issues

14.1 A report was made that there is a need to investigate a matter that has been discovered in the four previous years to ensure that the register and the Council's papers are correct.

14.2 It was noted that burial prices were to be reviewed and that the chairman would liaise with all the participants so that they would be aware of changes.

15 Highway Issues

It was noted that Cllr Dafydd Jones had met with Llinus Medi to discuss the contemporary:

15.1 Moving 30mph signs on Llangefni's pavement from the B4422 at Bethel so that the speed is restricted before the two turns leading into the village which has an agritour's yard on the left side almost immediately after the bends and it was noted that the Police were supportive of this recommendation..

15.2 Asking Police to contact and share the subject concerns of parking problems on the many outlets out to the surgery in Bethel.

15.3 Mirror required on A4080 opposite road from Car Park to highway at

Malltraeth as vehicles cannot be seen coming from the direction of Newborough until about half a ford out if there are vehicles parked in a layby by the bridge. Lines have been placed on part of the layby but are not effective.

15.4 Needing attention: cutting the overgrowth on the coast path near The Drive, Malltraeth.

15.5 Needing attention: cats eyes have been thrown to the grass edge following repairs to the Tan Laval quay highway, Bethel.

1 5.6 That overgrowth/branches need to be cut to lighten the situation near the B4422 junction to the A4080.

16 Planning Applications

16.1 Full Application on outbuilding defiier to two holiday dwellings in- Pen y Bont, Bodorgan - 36CS1A - NO COMMENTS.

16.2 Application Placement of Unlit Sign on land at Car Park, Malltracth- 15C225 AD-NO COMMENTS.

16.3 Full Application Demolition of Existing Garaj along with Modification & Expansion in - Pen Parc, Malltraeih, Bodorgan-15C48M- NO COMMENTS.

17 Decisions of the County Council's Planning Department.

17.1 Planning Application 15CI28D/AD - The Wood Workshop, Bethel - CONSENT.

17.2 Planning Application L5C225 - 6 Bryn Do Bethel - CONSENT,

18 Next Meeting Date 21st November 2017

The Chair thanked all members for attending and the meeting was closed at 9:00pm.view