Minutes of the Bodorgan Community Council Meeting on Tuesday, 18 July, 2017

Present: G. Looms (c), D G Jones, G O Davies, A M Hughes, S Williams, A. Rowlands, Councillors P Rogers and Brian Owen, Rhian KhardanL

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and especially Alwyn Rowlands, a new member of the Council, has signed the Declaration of Interest and received the 'Code of Conduct' document.

Present tonight was Alison, the PCSO of the area. She received feedback on the speeding issue in Bethel, this issue has been brought to the attention of the Police by the Council and the Public. The speed camera will be in the town of Bethel, 19/07/2017 and periodic visits will be made regularly following the results of the speed camera. PR/BO added that she had been in discussion with the Roads department discussing their concerns about the overspeed-driving in Bethel. PCSO Alison will come back to the Council with the findings following the driving tests. The Chair thanked the PCSO for her attendance.

1 Apologies Contributions: Gwen Burns, Myfyr Davies, Gareth Evans

Ib. Mr Ian Hughes, Director of Audit Cymru

Mr Hughes was welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman who showed his disappointment at only having a few days before he was informed of the administration weakness of the Council.

Mr Hughes thanked for the invitation to come to a meeting tonight and explained that he had visited Llangristiolus Council He had similar material in Mr Hughes's explanation that UHY Hacker Young from an Audit company from Chester had been appointed by Audit Corporation and that they had passed a file forward to Audit Cymru because they were not happy with the input they had or had not received from Bodorgan Community Council and therefore UHY was unable to close the records for 2013/14 and 2014/15. The purpose of Mr Hughes' visit was to move forward and resolve the issues that were arising. Mr Hughes had asked to discuss the matter with the clerk some months ago and has been unable to contact, the reason for this had been discovered at Monday night's meeting, Mr Hughes emphasized that it was vitally important that the clerk had good contact with the audit company. The clerk agreed that this was absolutely important and also the members were keen that these issues be resolved and that this has been a lesson for everyone and that they want the Council to move on from this and work correctly. At the meeting it was agreed:

  • The Clerk would register the Council as an employer with HMRC
  • The Council would consider establishing with Llangristiolus Community Council regarding the responsibilities of assets that are shared e.g. the calculator (laptop ),
  • More formal arrangements will be put in place to collect income from the cemetery.
  • The Council will organize an annual meeting on June 1 to discuss and adopt the Annual Return.
  • It was noted that VAT had recently been repaid by the clerk.


Mr Hughes will arrange to obtain Bodorgan's 2013/14, 2014/15 audit and registration certificate as soon as possible following this meeting.

The Chairman and the members thanked Mr Hughes for attending and discussing, this was also appreciated by the clerk.

Moving forward

  • We must tighten up on paperwork, also tighten up on paper work/rules for the undertakers about the cemetery, AR for discussing with the clerk the way Llangefni Town Council operates with their cemeteries.
  • Important that a meeting is held on June 1 to discuss and adopt the annual financial report.

A letter was given to AMH to be signed and delivered to the Bank HSBC with the clerk's new address, this so that the bank statements are sent monthly to the clerk.

2 Declaration of interest - DGJ (Malltraeth Ymlaen) declaration of interest form completed.

  1. Minutes of the May 2017 Meeting - approval / material arising,

Lledaenu’r Lane, Bethel - DGJ and AR had a meeting with the leader of the Council on the 21st of July, 2017 To discuss the matter. Cllr. P Rogers also discussed with the Council where he was informed that the council wanted to review the financial position next year and make a decision on whether to broadcast the plan to go ahead.

Gate, Plot Gareth Evans - GL has visited the site and had a meeting with Tim Bowie, Bodorgan Estate is satisfied with the situation between GE and  Bodorgan Estate has agreed to share the key to the gate lock There is an additional gate on the site (near the bridge) this gate does not get much use, this has been on the site since the field was one field, there is only 1 behind the house there is access from this gate,

Caravan, MaHtraeth - it's still on the site, Cllr Brian Owen / Peter Rogers going to discuss with Joanne Roberts, Anglesey County Council.

Parking, Hermon - a problem in front of the council houses, Cllr. Rogers has visited the site and discussed with the County Council and there is no money to do the parking at the moment. The only solution is to get another firm to do the work but the problem is that most of the council houses have now been bought and are private houses.

The minutes were received correctly by: AMH 3 DGJ seconded.

4 Payments;

Clerk's salary £260 (one month), ROSPA £79.80, One Voice Wales membership £139.00. Receipts:

R Hughes and Son £40 (Menai Moris Lewis), R Hughes and Son £480,00 (Gladys Goodwin), R Hughes and Son £160 (Gladys Goodwin).

5 Correspondence from County Council /IOACC correspondence

Standards Committee - Town and Community Council representatives on the board - no one interested

Representation on School Governing Bodies - Community Council - AMH To carry on as a representative

6 Correspondence from outside agencies - for information

Clerks & Council Direct May 2017

Broxap, litter & recycling bins, summer 2017

One LVoice Wales warning from Area Committee 28/06/2017-AMH attended.

Seafarers - Merchant Navy Day 03.09.2017 - the poster was put up on the Centre's notice board.

  1. Planning Applications - for information. No comments received

1SC224/AO - Application to place an unsigned sign on land behind a stone wall in Hermon.

15C1280/AD - Application to light an unlit sign in front of The Wood Workshop, BetheF.

15C30H/FR - Full application to new use of agricultural land in order to extend the existing caravan field To locate 14 additional mobile caravans together with the installation of a septic tank on land at Pen y Bont Farm Touring & Camping, Malltraeth,

1SC225/AD – Application to locate an unattended sign on land in Maes Pardo, Malltraeth.

15C219A/LUC/ENF - Application for a Certificate of Legal Development for current use of land and for installing 3 static caravans in Tegfryn Garage, Malltraeth.

15EI1532/6 - Application for the re-erection of an 11KV above ground electricity line on land between Malltraeth and Llangaffo.

2015/15/0198 - Appeal by lolo Owen & Co Ltd, Tegfryn site, Malltraeth.

8 Planning Decisions - for information

9 Feedback from the County Councillors

Councillor B Owen has been in discussions with Horizon and the feeling is that revised thinking has been made by the Council about the new building, there are more negative comments. Community Councils on the Northern side of the Island have had a meeting with Horizon and other meetings will take place and County Community Councils will be invited to the next ones, Cllr, B. Owen asked if this Council would send a representative to these meetings, it is important that discussions are held with all community councils and to give support to Horizon.

P Rogers Councillor:

There was a severe problem in Hermon village last weekend, damage was done to cars and houses, now the olice arel dealing with the issue.

Bus Shelter, Malltraeth and the unacceptable behaviour that can be done in it. The structure is there and I think it would be a good idea to install Perspex there, asked Cllr. P Rogers if the Community Council willing to consider installing Perspex with the CC owning the bus shelter. The cost of renewing it would have been very expensive, there was a suggestion for the Council to ask for prices from companies I made a fuss about the hen shelter because at the moment it is a delicate situation. AR - information that an Old Perspex one is £300. The companies must be companies that are visible in doing work like this, D U Construction and Dewi Hughes,

Cllr, P Rogers were mentioned for discussing with the companies about prices and the type of work that can be done To improve the situation.

10 Any Other Business

G.O.D. - Something must be done about the Cefn Oderwen / Carreg Ceiliog Bach junction, there was almost an accident happened there last week, this happens often and there must be a solution for cars not to park and hide the junction so that it is difficult for users approaching it.

D U Construction currently has a disused site near the Surgery, could this site be built in the parking lot, it was confirmed that the Clinic does not own this spot, lolo Owen Company owns it. Councillor Peter Rogers and Brian Owen for looking into the situation.

Rospa Report June 2017 - the site is currently safe, low risk. Concern from the Chairman that this report is not a good report and he also felt that if there had been an accident the insurance company would not have paid out, he felt that the area needed to be monitored regularly ie monthly, we needed volunteers to do this supervision , there would have been a need for a book with a record that the site had been! be able to do. Visual check' in a way, AR presented a document that he uses with Llangefni Town Council to supervise play parks and it is a legal document. The Chairman felt that it would be good practice to have a visit made on the site once in a while and the insurance company would accept this.

  1. Next Meeting Date: 118 /OS/ 2017