Minutes of the Bodorgan Community Council Meeting on Tuesday, 16 May, 2017

Present: G. Looms, A M Hughes, D G Jones, G. Evans, G O Davies, M. Davies, S Williams, Cllr P Rogers, Cllr. B. Owen

The Chairman welcomed the two County Councillors to the meeting and congratulated them on being elected in the May, 2017 elections.

  • Confirmation of Chair and Vice-chair for 2017/18 - G Looms Chair, D G Jones Vice-chair
  • Receive the Behaviour Code for 2017/2018 - received and signed
  • Receive the 'Standing Orders' for 2017/18 - received and signed
  • Review of the Sub-panels for 2017/18

Allotments - J Hughes, S. Williams

Paths - GO Davies, S Williams

Church (Charity Trust) - G. Burns, J Hughes

Finance - M. Davies, D G Jones

Planning - M Davies , D G Jones

Cemetery - G. Hughes, J Hughes

Governors of Ysgol Bodorgan / Bro Rhosyr - A M Hughes

Following the Election there was 1 vacant seat due to the resignation of Will Griffiths on the Council, the 'Co-option' was notified and following this one application letter came in from Alwyn Rowlands, the election of an AR was proposed by DGJ and this was seconded by G.O.D.

1 Apologies: Gwen Burns

2 Declaration of interest - AMH and DGJ - Spirit of 2012 Documentation - the declaration of interest form was completed.

  1. Minutes of the March 2017 meeting - reconciliation / issues arising.

Bethel Flats - Chairman has been in a meeting with the Racism Officer, helpful information was given to him.

There was an incident on site on 16 May with the tenants living in the top flat, in the 'on going' problem due to drugs and alcohol. Disappointingly: for this the Police do not have powers to do much, the Police have visited the site at weekends because there is an alcohol and drug problem in these flats, The Police cannot carry out a raid because there is not enough evidence, the Police have a list of the names of the people who the numbers of the cars that go there. The Chairman would be grateful if the County Councillor could follow this is up with the County Council / Police. Councillor Rogers has dealt with the situation and had discussions with the Police / County Council, Cllr, B. Owen is aware of these concerns.

AMH - very disappointed with the way the County Councillor and the Police have dealt with this matter.

Cllr. B Owen - why can't a camera be put on the site if the Police and the County Council are aware of the problems who are in these apartments. The Authority has a 'warning of evictions' policy - Councillor P Rogers to look into the situation and let Councillor B Owen get the information of what he is discussing with Authors and the Police.

Allotments - payment through the bank; Llyr Davies  - need to look up if the payment has been paid through to the Clerk’s bank

Llewdaenu’r lane in Bethel - the issue of 'land ownership' has been resolved and now the Authority says there is no money to do the work. Cllr. P Rogers and Cllr. B Owen for discussing further with the Authors and stressing that the dissemination of this plan is a matter of concern.

The condition of the lane near Tan Lan - Cllr. P Rogers has been visiting the site and recognizes that the lane is deteriorating, the organization department needs to come out to see the condition of the Ion. Cllr. P Rogers To follow this Up.

Gate - Plot Gareth Evans - by now two gates have been installed, a member of the CCI went to see Tim Bowie to discuss the matter, GL and SW offered to go to see the gates and discuss with the Bodorgan Estate.

Caravan, Malltraeth - The caravan is still on site, nothing has been done by the planning department about this,

Ynys Mon Young Farmers - GL have received a letter of thanks for a donation on my behalf from the Community Council. Ambilwans Awyr Cymru - letter of thanks received.

Bus Shelter, Morawelon, Malltraeth - the cost would be between £10,000 and £12,000 to install one on the site, we need to look at the site and see what can be done. There has been a complaint for many years regarding people incorrectly using the bus shelter. Cllr. B Owen / Cllr, P Rogers thanked for looking into this matter.

Bodorgan Council Website - the clerk has updated Neil Summers the technician with a name etc following the elections, the website will be live from the beginning of June.

4 Payments: Clerk's salary £260 (two months), Dwr ​​Cymru £40.83, Bodorgan Estate £1,612,75, Receipts: W O & M Williams (burial) £200, R Hughes and Son £160 (laying new stone Lis Griffiths) £450 new grave order (W J Evans).

5 Correspondence from County Council / IOACC correspondence

Policy On Naming and Numbering Streets and houses - following his post on the naming of lane in Malltraeth - DGJ for giving the information to AJ Reviewing the Rights of Way Improvement Plan

6 Correspondence from outside agencies - for information

John Roberts, Audit - letter of information on putting in the accounts - 9.6.17

One Voice Wales - notice of meeting 30.3.2017 - has been before this meeting.

The Good Councillor's Guide for Town and Community Councillors from the Welsh Government.

Play for Wales - issue 48, Spring 2017

7 Planning Applications / Planning Applications

15C223 - full application for modification and extension at 6 Bryn Gwna, Bethel. There were no comments to make to the request here.

8 Planning Decisions - for information

15C108B - Firearm, Bodorgan - Permission / Granted

15C120E/MIN- Forth Hurion, The Drive, Malltraeth - Permission / Granted

9 Feedback from the County Councillors

Cllr, B. Owen - it is a busy time setting up the structures following the elections.

Cllr. P Rogers - things are quite worrying at the moment because a number of members of the independent party have gone to another party.

Complaints have come to attention that the workers at the voting site told everyone! that they have to vote for three people, this was not true, the truth was that up to 3 candidates could be voted for.GL and DGJ for sending a letter of complaint to Dr Gwynne Jones and to the elections commissioner.

10 Any Other Matters

GE - 6 Morawelon, Malltraeth, the dog of the residents here, has viciously attacked another dog and the cost of the vet was £600, the dog that attacked was a pit bull, the Police are aware of this incident, the dog of the owner of the Brynsiencyn kebab shop was and this person does not live in 6 Morawelon, by now the owner of the dog and the dog have moved out of 6 Morawelon. Dogs are not legally allowed to be in council housing.

Cwt Glas, Malltraeth (DGJ) - this site could be cut again by now, it was last cut some time ago. DGJ asked if the CC agreed for Alwyn Rowlands to do this work. The members agreed to this.

Joiners, Malltraeth - the lamp / box has been removed and now just hidden with a board, this is very dangerous.

Llecyn Chwarae, Ysgol Bodorgan - the slats repair work has been done free of charge by Alwyn Rowlands, many thanks to  AR for doing this work.

MD - motion that the council send a letter of thanks to Will Griffiths for his contribution as Bodorgan Cymuned Councilor over the years. Clerk to send

Hermon, parking problems - this is an ongoing problem.

Path - there are steps on the path and railings are needed. Cllr P Rogers to follow this up.

  1. Job Acceptance Declaration - all completed and signed. Send Statement to Gwen Burns and her To be signed by the next meeting. Clerk

12 Date of Next Meeting : 18/07/ 2017 at 7pm.