Community Centre Support Group


As you know, the prospective purchase of the Community Centre is now looking a little nearer than it has done in the past, and whilst the immediate priority is obviously to secure the purchase , the question of what to do with it will follow closely behind.


As Dafydd rightly says we cannot support the running costs of the existing building on the basis of current utilisation, so in addition to looking at alternative schemes for refurbishing or replacing the building, there is an urgent need to look at how we can (a) increase utilisation and (b) minimise running costs.


We propose a Support Group, meeting in the Community Centre on a regular basis, assisting with issues relating to the development, marketing and future utilisation of the Community Centre.

Dafydd is stepping down from Malltraeth Ymlaen within the next two months, so if we can assist meanwhile with the detail of ongoing usage, this will hopefully allow him to focus on the task of acquiring the building..


As a start to improving utilisation levels, the group will hire the Community Centre at the usual rate, and the cost will be split between Group members. Our first meeting is planned for Friday [24th]  Jan at 10.00 am. *** subject to confirmation ***

A list of people already willing to participate is shown below. Anybody who has time to spare or skills to offer is welcome to attend.



In no particular order :-


Peter & Margaret Hughes

Jude Williams

Barbara & Cyril Jones

Capell Aris

Peter Garbutt

Pat Cleever

Alan & Gill Smith