Malltraeth Ymlaen Cyf: Notice of Annual General meeting

In accordance with Article 14 of the Company’s Articles of Association we intend to hold an Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 24th November 2021 at 7 p.m. The meeting will be held in the upstairs conference room of the Pritchard Jones Hall, Newborough. There is car-parking in front of the building and another car park on the left, 100 yards before the opening to PJ. Can members please arrange lifts amongst themselves to reduce the number of cars.

The reason we are using the PJ Hall is because the Malltraeth community centre remains closed. The Company’s public address system and projector are beyond our control so please bear with us if things do not go smoothly during the meeting.

All registered members of the Company (at the time and date of this email) can attend and vote at this meeting. Nominations for the company positions noted below must be sent to Mae'r cyfeiriad e-bost hwn wedi'i warchod rhag robotiaid sbam. Rhaid i chi alluogi JavaScript i'w weld. by 9am 19th November 2021. For those who cannot attend and wish to vote please notify Mae'r cyfeiriad e-bost hwn wedi'i warchod rhag robotiaid sbam. Rhaid i chi alluogi JavaScript i'w weld. before 9am 19th November 2021; we will arrange an email/postal ballot for these members. Postal votes must be returned by 3 pm 24th November 2021. Members may email Mae'r cyfeiriad e-bost hwn wedi'i warchod rhag robotiaid sbam. Rhaid i chi alluogi JavaScript i'w weld. if they have any queries or comments about this meeting.

If Wales is forced into another lockdown then we will complete the process of nominations as described above, and then run approval of documents and  the election of directors and officials via an email ballot -  in the same way as we used last November. The approval of the minutes for January 2020 will be deferred.

The business to be transacted will be different from usual. Following the General Meeting held in November 2020 ten directors and the Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman resigned; these casual vacancies were filled by member volunteers (following Companies Act 2006 Article 168) and these positions must be ratified. The business of this meeting will be as follows:

  1. To receive the Annual Reports for 2020 and 2021 – attached.
  2. To receive the Annual Accounts for 2020 and 2021 – attached.
  3. To receive volunteers/nominations for and to elect members to the management board.
    1. Seven members who filled casual vacancies of the directors who resigned on 18thNovember 2020 were as follows: Maxine Aust, Pat Dobbie, Barbara Jones, Helen Jenner, Jan Robertshaw, Ray Robertshaw, Jude Williams seek confirmation of their position.
    2. Persons nominated for election to the management board.

(Article 38 of the Articles of Association stipulates that the number of board members shall be between 7 and 11. If the number of members applying exceeds 11 then the meeting may consider changes to this article to accommodate a larger number of directors).

  1. Pat Dobbie filled the casual vacancy of Company Secretary. The meeting will be asked to confirm this appointment.
  2. Maxine Aust filled the casual vacancy of Company Treasurer. The meeting will be asked to confirm this appointment.
  3. To receive nominations for and elect the post of Chairman.
  4. The minutes of the last meeting of the Company, held on the 22ndJanuary 2020 (attached with this email) shall be approved and any matters arising will be discussed.


That will conclude the formal business of the Annual General Meeting. There will then be short presentations and discussions to inform members of activities over the last year:

  1. The importance of our registered members.
  2. Please complete the Community Centre Survey – it’s on the website.
  3. The Expression of Interest for Asset Transfer of the School from the Council
  4. Access to the Community Centre
  5. The Business Plan


The WI have said they will attend to our needs after the meeting!