Now that Covid restrictions have been eased, the Bodorgan Community Centre Support Group is organising a Pensioners’Christmas Event, funded by the 150 Club and the Over 50s Club. Are you a Bodorgan resident in receipt of your State pension? If so, you and your partner can join others of the same age group and enjoy a free Christmas Afternoon Tea on Friday December 10th at 1.00pm for 1.30pm. We’re still not allowed access to our own Community Centre, so the event will be held at the Pritchard Jones Institute in Newborough. The facilities in Pritchard Jones cannot cope with the provision of traditional Christmas Lunches, so a range of Christmas Fare will be served. Tea, coffee, sherry, mulled wine, fizz, sandwiches, mince pies, and more. And – FREE tickets to a Christmas Draw ! We need to know numbers as quickly as possible, so if you would like to attend please email Mae'r cyfeiriad e-bost hwn wedi'i warchod rhag robotiaid sbam. Rhaid i chi alluogi JavaScript i'w weld.. We don’t have access to the list of guests who attended the last Christmas Lunch in 2019, and we’re not allowed to use the village notice boards, so if you know of anybody who hasn’t been invited, but might like to attend, please email their details to the address shown above, or contact a member of the Support Group...



The Assembly Room in Pritchard Jones Institute is large and well ventilated. There is a functioning lift to the first floor, so wheelchair access isn’t a problem. The tables will be arranged  to maximise social distancing.  Guests will be encouraged to sit in small groups, preferably with others with whom they normally associate. All surfaces will be cleaned beforehand using NHS grade disinfectant.  Hand gel dispensers will be provided at various points around the venue. All guests will be asked to wear face masks on arrival, and remove them only when seated.  Food will be served at the tables.

**NB  We’re  monitoring the national situation carefully, in case  we need to rethink our plans**                                   

If you’d like to attend, please reply by Friday December 3rd at the latest. We need to know numbers by then  so that we can make arrangements with the caterers and sort out car  sharing where  possible.  For those of you who are unable to attend, we wish you  a Merry Christmas, and hope to see you at the next one  - Hopefully a traditional  Christmas Lunch, back in our own Community Centre !


MALLTRAETH YMLAEN  AGM – November 24th  2021

The meeting was held at Pritchard Jones Institute,  Newborough, and was attended by 32 members.  The seven members of MY who filled the casual vacancies of the Directors who resigned on 18th November 2020 were : Jude Williams, Pat Dobbie, Maxine Aust,  Barbara Jones,  Helen Jenner, Jan Robertshaw, Ray Robertshaw.  Their positions were officially confirmed, with the exception of Maxine Aust, who resigned as Treasurer on health grounds. (Get well soon Max ! )   Ray Robertshaw was appointed Chairman, Pat Dobbie was confirmed as Secretary. The post of Treasurer remains unfilled for the time being.

A big thank you to the WI for organising refreshments at the event !!

Malltraeth Ymlaen now has 105 registered members, and the number continues to increase. If you are interested in registering as a member, this can be done quickly and simply on the website. It costs nothing, and puts you on the circulation list for bulletins and newsletters.  It also allows you to vote on matters of concern, including the appointment of Directors.  If you believe that you have skills or experience that would be of value to the Community, you can apply to become a Director.  There are currently vacancies, including the post of Treasurer.

More information on the 2021 AGM can be found on the website.


YMCC UPDATE from Cllr Bryan Owen

COVID numbers are still rising on the island. However the latest news from Welsh Gov. is that approximately 200,000 thousand people have had their booster injections.

I understand that the school house in Bodorgan has been sold. I’ve also been chasing the council regarding the speed limit coming into Bethel from Llangristiolus owing to the many complaints that have been received from residents. Peter and I have also asked the council re the timescale for the long awaited footpath from Maes Glas into the village.

Nia and I would love to be at the Christmas party dependent on the date.


150 CLUB – November winners.

 Arwel Jones (£25), Idris Prytherch (£20), Maldi Williams (£15) and Stephen Jones (£10)

The December draw will take place at the Pensioners’ Christmas Event on Dec 10th.

We have asked the Trustees for the loan of the Bingo machine, but as yet we’ve had no answer.


PARISH UPDATE – Rev. Elizabeth Roberts

There are a few things happening in the parish of Bro Cadwaladr as we continue on our Advent journey towards Christmas Day :

There will be an Advent Zoom meeting on the 1st, 8th,15th and 22nd of December when we will be having a series of reflections/Bible studies based on the Gospel of St.Luke.

On 14th December at 7.30 p.m. there will be a performance of Handel's Messiah in Bangor Cathedral, by the cathedral choir. We have a Carol Service in St.Michael's, Gaerwen on Friday evening, 17th December at 6 p.m.  Christmas morning Communion will be at Llangadwaladr church at 10.30 a.m.

This is the link for the sessions on December 1       Password : Seiriol Meeting ID : 846 4658 8908



At the Llangefni Remembrance Service on November 14th, a wreath was laid on behalf of Malltraeth Ymlaen by Derek Roberts, a long term Malltraeth resident. Derek served with the Welsh guards in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, and also carried out ceremonial duties at Buckingham Palace. 



When Sardis Chapel in Malltraeth was demolished some time ago, this  WW1 memorial tablet was spotted in a waste skip by Gillian Griffiths who had it removed for safe keeping. It is showing signs of weathering, and it’s difficult to read the script except from close up. If the lettering is repainted, it probably won’t last very long in an outdoor location, particularly down by the sea, so why not mount it in the Community Centre when it reopens? 

Opinions please !



When the Covid restrictions were eased earlier this year, reopening the Community Centre appeared to be a possibility, especially after Anglesey Council had used the centre as a polling station back in May.   When the Trustees were approached about this, they said that since then a Fire Safety Inspection had revealed serious defects in the building, which would have to remain closed “for the foreseeable future”   The Support Group asked to see the report, in the hope that we could help to rectify the problems.  The Trustees refused to release the report, and we were told:-                                                                               

much of the work needed is major, some of it structural and although I understand you are keen, the work needed will have to be carried out by a specialist professional." 

In order to establish the extent and cost of the “major / structural work” the Support Group  commissioned a formal Fire Safety Risk Assessment by Snowdonia Fire and Security, the same company that installed and still maintains the existing Fire Safety system in the building. The report runs to 60 pages, and can be seen on the website, together with the summary.  It makes no mention of any significant problems, and although it makes recommendations for minor, inexpensive improvements, it appears that the building is basically safe to use.  The Trustees were sent a copy of the report summary, and have been invited to comment on it.   The Trustees’ report however is still a closely guarded secret.



CHARITABLE EVENTS - Jude Williams / Helen Jenner.                                                      

A table top sale was held at the Pritchard Jones hall in Newborough, on November 28th, to raise money for Alfest, and for the renovation of the children’s play park in Newborough.


Raised £202 for the Alfest Charity, the money goes to the ITU at Ysbyty Gwynedd.   

Raised £116 for the restoration and reopening of Parc y Plant, Newborough


Anne has asked us to repeat her article from November last year.

HEDGEHOG WATCH   Anne Cragg, Llangaffo Cattery. 

Under normal circumstances, hedgehogs would at this time of year be starting to hibernate. Because of the unusually mild weather of late, the process may have been delayed by a few weeks, but if you see a hedgehog smaller than 600g ( when rolled up, about the size of a grapefruit ) it’s unlikely that it will survive hibernation. If you see a hedgehog of any size moving around in daylight, it’s a sign that there’s a problem. If it’s looking a bit wobbly, the problem is likely to be hypothermia. Action needs to be taken a.s.a.p. The best remedy is to put it in a box in a warm place, maybe next to a boiler. In extreme cases maybe put a plastic bottle of warm water next to it The best food for them is cat or dog food. Meat in jelly, not in gravy, and not fish based. In the past, well meaning people used to put out bread and milk in the garden for the hedgehogs, but it in fact they were doing more harm than good. Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant, and cow’s milk gives them a problem. Goat’s milk is OK, but dog / cat food plus water is the best bet. It’s also important to contact a rehabilitator as soon as you can. You can call me on 01248 440689, or “Hedgehuggles” on 07887 425109. Nationwide, hedgehog numbers are decreasing, so they need all the help they can get. (Gardeners please note – they eat slugs)


OVER 50s CLUB from Roz Smith- Chairman                                                                                           

Well here we are again! Still not able to meet in the Community Centre – still a mystery to most of us!  BUT – the good news is that we are looking forward to a Christmas Afternoon Tea Party – which will be held at Pritchard Jones  Institute, Newborough. The facilities here cannot cope with the usual traditional lunch – hence the Afternoon Tea. There will be a range of Christmas fare – served with sherry, mulled wine & Fizz – together with mince pies, sandwiches and more!! I am told that there will be FREE tickets for the Christmas Draw.The date of the party is Friday, 10th December at 1pm for 1.30pm. This event is taking the place of the traditional annual Christmas Lunch which we enjoyed in our Community Centre for a number of years. Alas, this year we are not allowed the use of the Hall and Kitchen.

At present, Malltraeth Ymlaen has no money available for this event, therefore, the 150 Club together with a donation from our Group will be funding this gathering. If you know of anyone who may have been missed off the list (apparently lists of previous lunches were not forthcoming) please give me a call and we can sort it out.  Hopefully, this will be a good chance to meet up with friends – old & new. We haven't as yet met up with some of our new members – and look forward to meeting as many as possible.


BODORGAN W I – Monica Morris
We are very pleased to say that we are now meeting again in Christ y Brenin, Malltraeth, the first Tuesday in every month at 7pm.  Next meeting is on December 7th.

We’ll be making Christmas decorations etc, with refreshments of mince pies and hot chocolate, and enjoying the company of a very happy, friendly group of ladies. We’d love you to come and join us.

May I take this opportunity to  wish you all a very blessed Christmas and a Happy Healthy Peaceful New Year.


On behalf of the Community Centre Support Group,

Alan Smith  30th November 2021.

**If you no longer wish to receive these newsletters, please email Mae'r cyfeiriad e-bost hwn wedi'i warchod rhag robotiaid sbam. Rhaid i chi alluogi JavaScript i'w weld.**