Autumn has arrived, it’s now dark before 8.00pm, and there’s a noticeable chill in the air. The swallows are on their way to Africa, children are back at school, and the beaches and car parks are no longer overflowing. As winter approaches, we must keep our fingers crossed that the Covid situation continues to be manageable, and hope for a return to normality sometime soon.



The authority are still concerned at the increase in the number of positive COVID cases on the Island, however the number of people that are hospitalised are manageable at the moment. We urge everyone that has not been vaccinated to do so.

Messages are being sent urging people not to panic over the petrol shortage, massive queues are causing huge traffic problems and are unnecessary.


MALLTRAETH YMLAEN - Report from the Directors

Anglesey Council has been looking to transfer ownership of the Bodorgan Community School and its playing field from the Council to a suitable applicant. The new directors of Malltraeth Ymlaen have submitted a formal application to the Council to acquire it, with the specific intention of refurbishing the School building and using it and the playing field as a Community Centre for the residents of Bodorgan. Surveys have been conducted, and the results have shown that there is overwhelming support for this approach, and the indications are that there will be no shortage of users for the facility.

Demolition is not an option that the Directors are prepared to consider!

YMCC have accepted our application, and the Directors have been invited to prepare a Business Plan for consideration. Watch this space!



Since our last item in the Summer Newsletter, we seem to be no nearer to holding our first meeting of the year. We have a number of new members who are keen to meet the rest of us – and we need to get to know one another as a Group.

We have enjoyed our meetings in the Community Hall since they first began many years ago and apart from a break of a few years, this is where we need to be. Health & Safety Regulations were put in place at the time of the change over from a 'School' to a 'Community School', and have been adhered to ever since – without any problems or concern for our safety. As far as we are aware, nothing has changed and we are, therefore, at a loss to understand why we cannot carry on where we left off – before Covid.

Without the use of this Community Centre, our Group will find it very difficult – if not impossible, to carry on. We are aware that there are other Community Centres in our area which are now open – but none of these have the facilities necessary for a group such as ours – i.e. easy access to the building and parking which is easily accessible and does not involve too much walking. Therefore, seeking alternative venue for our meetings is not an option – given that some of us are approaching 80 years of age or over. But we would still like to get out and enjoy ourselves. We need this as much, if not more, as when we were younger!

Once again, for anyone interested in joining the group, my phone no. is 840196.

The only restriction is - members should be over 50 years of age.



The Trustees who control the Community Centre are still insisting that the Centre should remain closed. The current reason given is a Fire Safety Report, which referred to a lack of fire exits, but this report only covered a small part of the building, and is therefore not relevant. The Support group and Malltraeth Ymlaen have both expressed their willingness to work with the Trustees, and have requested access to the building to carry out a comprehensive Fire Safety inspection, but the Trustees have so far refused to allow this.

Meanwhile the residents of Bodorgan have nowhere to meet, and opportunities to utilise the Centre are missed. For example last Saturday - flu jab day – residents went to Parc Glas surgery for their vaccinations. In case you weren’t there, it was chaotic. The surgery had made 1 minute appointments, and there were at least 50 people waiting outside - thank goodness it wasn't raining - no seats for the elderly and infirm and cars parked on both sides of the road and tractors to and fro with slurry tankers etc. The Community Centre would have been the perfect venue. Other Centres such as Llanfaelog and Rhosneigr have offered the use of their premises for any future requirements, and we need to be in a position to do the same.


HERMON IN BLOOM - from Pat Dobbie

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs George and Sandra Smith who live at this pretty cottage in Hermon for allowing me to photograph their amazing garden. Mr and Mrs Smith say they enjoy their pots and baskets, and meeting people who pass by. They generously gave me a jar of home made damson jam, very nice too!

They have lived in or near Hermon for some considerable time - I enjoyed meeting them, and hope to catch up with them again before too long.

BODORGAN WI – from Mary Bulmer

As some of you may know, the ladies of Bodorgan WI adopted Bodorgan station a number of years ago. We were involved in obtaining the planters and stocking/maintaining them. In addition we have a rota to make sure the plants are watered, and generally keep an eye on the station and report any concerns to our contact at Transport for Wales. We were told that “adopted” stations are much less likely to be vandalised (although we have never had any problem in this regard).

A couple of weeks ago one of our ladies was quite alarmed to find two trains hurtling through the station. This was after she had checked that no trains were due for approx. 3 hours. As one of the planters (a wheelbarrow) is on the far side of the rail-line which involves crossing the level crossing, this presented a real safety issue.

The other concern was the fact that trains coming down from Holyhead can’t be seen due to the station building and the bend in the line. We contacted Transport for Wales and a meeting was arranged within a couple of days on site to discuss the problem.

Apparently only trains stopping at the station are shown on the electronic sign. But we were told that use of the line would be increasing with extra passenger, freight and Network Rail trains. We were told that new trains are much quieter than previously, and even whilst we were meeting, on the platform we, found it not easy to differentiate between planes going overhead and the sound of a train!!

It has been decided that Transport for Wales will remove the wheelbarrow, which means we will have no reason to cross the line. Hi viz jackets are being provided and we must at all times keep well away from the edge of the platform. So, if ever you have reason to travel to by train from Bodorgan, and are admiring the planters, please spare a thought for our ladies who are providing such a valuable service for our community!!



Aberffraw and LLangadwaladr Churches are open for Sunday services, subject to masks and social distancing regulations. There is now no need to book attendance at services.

Aberffraw services are on 1st and 3rd Sunday in the month, and LLangadwaladr on 2nd and 4th Sundays.


SUMMER OUT & ABOUT – from Philip Snow

Malltraeth & District, 2021

*Not the busiest time for birds here, so its good to see the Kingfishers are back from breeding upriver. And there have been plentiful fish and water-life, insects, flowers & plants to admire. Foremost amongst the flowering plants was the beautiful sapphire-blue tones of Sea Lavender that carpeted the salt-marsh for a few weeks, before the far subtler blue & little gold heart of Sea Aster, or Chrysanthemum, took over. It is informative how rapidly the yellow flowers and spicy green shoots of Rock Samphire have populated many of the estuaries edges, and one of the foremost pioneer plants, Marsh Samphire, is also spreading the saltmarsh out onto the sands. In less salty areas, the bright red-purple spikes of Purple Loosestrife and ‘Fireweed’, or the rich yellows of Kidney Vetch, have taken over from the masses of vanilla-scented Meadowsweet.
*Strangely, the invasive swathes of yellow-flowering Oxford Ragweed have not been – as is usual – eaten by the equally common hordes of yellow & black, Cinnabar Moth caterpillars this year. Looks like the plants will be even more invasive next year?!

*Other insects have been more obliging, with the exotic Hummingbird & Emperor Hawkmoths seen, if just the large, green caterpillars of the latter, as usual. Southern Hawker, Black-tailed Skimmers, Emperor and Red Darter Dragonflies have been as entertaining as ever, with their truly astonishing aerobatics, all aided by unique patterns of especially designed wing veins.....

*With so many Grey Mullet breeding in most of our waterways, and lots of Smelt, Sand Eels & Sand Gobies, let alone little crustaceans like

Shore Crabs, Common Shrimps & Prawns, and endless shellfish and sand-mud dwelling worms, the many critters that eat them have also been very busy. It was good to see Oystercatchers breeding successfully here, even right by the busy Cob. Little Egret & Grey Heron and their young, have been busy, too, and we already have hundreds of returning waders, like Curlew, Redshank, Dunlin, Ringed Plover, Black- & Bar-tailed Godwit, Sanderling, Curlew & Common Sandpiper, and (6) Little Stints.

Amongst them was a rare Pacific Golden Plover which attracted birders from near and far – although the two truly spectacular European Cranes that dropped into RSPB Cors Ddyga for the night in late August sadly evaded many of us, keen to see what could well be our next returning wetland bird.


*Another superb bird on the way back, especially with our hordes of summer fish, must be the Osprey. Nine individual birds have been recorded here in the last two summers, the final one, here during August, seemingly a female Scottish bird. With nests now surely in double figures in North Wales, it is only a matter of time before they nest here on Anglesey.



*Mammals have been less obvious here, apart from the now regular forest Red Squirrels, and Brown Hares, but with one good sighting each of ell-grown Otter cub, and this inquisitive Stoat.

*Finally, a feisty young Peregrine

managed to not only take down a full adult female Mallard—but also carry it out to the salt-marsh and beat off several mobbing Carrion Crows!

Like the spectacular Osprey, such birds show tremendous and ‘fearless’ strength....

FUND RAISER (1) Jude Williams

Jude has completed her 140 mile walk around the Anglesey Coastal path, raising money for the ITU unit in Ysbyty Gwynedd, where Alwyn Rowlands was a patient, before he passed away in February 2019. The walk was done in stages, and she was joined by others at various sections, often ending up in a pub. The final stage terminated at the car park in Malltraeth last Monday, unfortunately with no pub to end up in.

FUNDRAISER (2) Pat Dobbie

Pat has completed a 50 mile sponsored walk in aid of Sightsavers, an organisation which brings eye care to third world countries where sight deprivation can mean no education, no sports and no employment. Sightsavers also helps to alleviate the distress caused by eye disease.



There will be a table top sale in the Pritchard Jones Institute on Saturday October 9th between 10.00am and 2.00pm. Come along for a browse and a panad & cake ! Still plenty of places for people to book tables - Jumble sale stalls and small businesses are both welcome. Proceeds for table hire and tea / cake sales will go to Parc y Plant Newborough, and Alfest ( ITU Ysbyty Gwynedd). For more information, please contact HelenJenner (Mae'r cyfeiriad e-bost hwn wedi'i warchod rhag robotiaid sbam. Rhaid i chi alluogi JavaScript i'w weld.) or Jude Williams (Mae'r cyfeiriad e-bost hwn wedi'i warchod rhag robotiaid sbam. Rhaid i chi alluogi JavaScript i'w weld.)

Note – this is another event that could have been held in Bodorgan Community Centre ! !


150 CLUB – September winners.

Pat Griffiths (£25), Neil Broughton (£20), Skye Paterson (£15) Peter Hughes (£10).



We were sad to hear that Mrs Margaret Davies of Cil y Coed, 15 Glascoed, Hermon, passed away on 19th August, 2021.

Margaret was a well-known and well-liked member of the Community. She was involved, for a number of years, with the running of the very popular Community Bingo Club. Margaret was also Secretary on the Committee of the Bodorgan & Llangristiolus NSPCC Group. Our sympathy goes out to her family and friends.


Stop Press!!

Rumour has it that the Joiners Arms is now under new ownership!

Hopefully it will reopen as a pub, and provide a much needed venue for the village.



On behalf of Bodorgan Community Centre Support Group Alan Smith 30th September 2021