At this time of year, the weather can be pretty miserable and generally speaking, the worst of the frosts are yet to come. Looking on the bright side however sunset today is at 16.54, as opposed to 16.02 on Dec 22nd. The nights are definitely getting shorter, and Spring is on the way. One thing’s for sure – after 2020, things can only get better!



As regards the authority it is the same old thing with Covid 19 being at the heart of everything that is being done , still very important for everyone to stick to the guidelines as we all endeavour to reduce the R rate.

It is also important that people who have been informed that they can have the vaccine turn up for their appointment, apparently around 200 people did not turn up at the Bangor Vaccine Centre on Tuesday this week.

The HGV traffic is approximately 50% down at the moment with around 80% going through as normal with all the paperwork in order.

Orthios have announced this week that they are taking on 50 new employees for their recycling plant plus 50-60 more in the summer months, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

Also you have probably heard that the holiday park at the Land and Lake site looks like it is going ahead.



I am really missing Coffee Mornings - can't wait to be able to have those again. It seems such a long time now - stay with us - we will be back !!

Don't forget folks that if you have membership to the Library you are entitled to have a pack of books delivered to you - free - once a month.(See later item ) There is also a number of books available on loan which have been donated to us, and can be delivered to you - also free! We have a few jigsaw puzzles for borrowing too. Do let me know if you have either of those, or board games you could donate. Many Thanks. Pat Dobbie.



We seem to be back where we started at the beginning of 2020 - churches are closed yet again. Christmas without church was something completely new to us all. We did however have Zoom services which many people are now getting used to.

As you know our parish is known as Bro Cadwaladr and it extends from St.Beuno's in Aberffraw right up to St. Michael's in Gaerwen, with Trefdreath, Llangadwaladr, Llangristiolus, Llangaffo and Llanffinan churches in between. At Christmas, a lighted Christmas tree and a crib were placed in the porch of Aberffraw church as a beautiful reminder to people of the true meaning of Christmas. 

Usually the ministry team along with volunteers go into local schools to make Christingles with the children. It was not possible this time, so the parish decided to supply each school with oranges, sweets, candles etc. so that the children would still be able to make their Christingles. Canon Emlyn Williams did a video recording that schools could tune into, and this told the 'story' of the Christingle. 

As yet there are no plans to re-open our churches, but we have a choice of Zoom services every Sunday morning.

Communion in Welsh at 9:30am. - This is the link you need:

  • Meeting ID: 846 4658 8908
  • Passcode: Seiriol

Communion in English at 11am. - This is the link you need:

Please feel free to log in 15 mins before the start of each service .



Typically, our Malltraeth January has been wet and cold, but with some exquisite dawns and sunsets. Yet, how blessed we are to hear the first Song Thrushes singing and disputing territories on the Cob; or see bright Bullfinches, Stonechats & Robins likewise utilising the rich Cob vegetation for feeding and breeding. Then there's always the thousands of Lapwings & Golden Plovers whirling about the skies in synchronised aerobatics, or hundreds of Curlews and Knots adding their plaintive cries to the mix. Just to walk the Cob and hear loud, continuous chatter from the plovers, often roosting amongst the Pintails and other birds, is one of the most heartening sounds of winter. 


Note also the half a dozen Little Grebes (plus one Great-crested Grebe) that winter here by the bridge away from local nesting lakes, as some are already coming into breeding plumage, as a few Black-headed Gulls moult into their trademark head colour (though actually dark brown!). 


Yet, many birds have been courting for months, like the colourful Wigeon


 illustration, lwith Pintail top left, Red Fox & Peregrine) that feed on our estuarine 'greens' before heading back up north to breed. Some of the most stunning looking wildfowl include both sexes of Shelduck, wintering here in their hundreds; or Shoveller ducks, and especially the male Goldeneyes, Goosanders or Red-breasted Mergansers. (My 'Tall Tales from an Estuary' illustration shows Goldeneye with the superb male Smew that also used to visit.)



As for mammals, I have personally seen few except the usual Short-tailed Voles & Field Mice below my bird feeders, but do know that one of our regularly visiting Otters has been eating a bird! Feathery poo, or 'spraints', show that. Talking of bird feeders, I would be very interested to hear from any readers what they get on theirs, as some hereabouts enjoy seeing Red Squirrels, and several birds have recently turned to feeders, like Long-tailed Tits & Bullfinches.

Other predators seen here regularly are Peregrine Falcon & Red Fox, as on the Wigeon sketch - but can you guess what the highly rapacious bird shown in faint pencil outline is? It now lives sedately in an aviary.... 

And if we do have real winter, watch out for the Stoats on the Cob - because a couple of times we have had prolonged snow here, they duly turned white, in royal 'Ermine'



We are really pleased that Bodorgan Community Support Group have been awarded a grant from Medrwn Mon from their Keeping Active Fund. This is towards any activity which can be carried out in our own homes during lockdown. Barbara Jones came up with the great idea of sowing seeds in the next few weeks in the hope that they will be planted out later in the Spring in a community garden, or in home plots if we are still in lockdown. We shall have all the equipment available for anyone who wants to be involved. As soon as it all arrives we will package and deliver pots, trays and seeds - either vegetable or flowers. Just a bit of hope and positivity as we wait for these dark days to lighten. We will contact you all again before long. In the meantime, can you please e mail Pat on if you would like a pack, or recommend anyone you know who may be interested. This is great project for all of us, children and grown ups, to join. Further details can be found on the website.

Note;- When the Bodorgan in Bloom project seemed like a possibility, Peter Garbutt and Alwyn collected a number of fibreglass dinghies, with a view to positioning them in strategic locations and planting them with bulbs & seeds. There are 5 of these available for use – Peter suggests that they should be painted with the names “ Ali 1, Ali 2, Ali 3 ” and so on in recognition of Alwyn’s input to the community over so many years.



Mon Community Link is working with 30 services across the Island, to provide support for people to improve their health and well being. Local Asset Co-ordinators are available for anyone who needs support. This includes shopping prescription collection and phone chats. There is a free booklet and more information - 01248 725145 or


150 CLUB

2021 is off to a slow start, due again to the lack of networking opportunities during lockdown. The list will be left open for another month, so that we can come up with worthwhile prizes and make a worthwhile contribution to Community events and projects. To add your name to the list, please enter your details on the form provided on the website Alternatively contact a member of the Support Group either by telephone or by email on

Remember – the longer the list, the better the prizes !



It is with deep sadness that I have to report that Mrs Vivian Roberts of 13 Glascoed, Hermon passed away on Friday 15th January 2021, aged 67 - at Ysbyty Gwynedd.

Over the years Viv has been an active member of the community. She was a former member of the NSPCC Fund Raising Committee and latterly a member of this group.

Viv was a good friend and neighbour and will be greatly missed.


Anglesey Library Service have changed and adapted the Mobile Library Service in response to the Covid 19 pandemic. It is not possible for the Library van to visit communities in the usual way so they are offering books to homes. A pack of books will be prepared for you which you will receive once a month delivered to your door. Public Health Guidelines and social distancing will be kept at all times.

This service is available to ALL AGE GROUPS and will still operate during 'lockdown' conditions.

You need to become a member to use this service - but just phone Veronica. The entire call took less than 10 minutes including discussing what type of book I enjoyed. I phoned Veronica on 01248 752089 on Monday 18th January and received a pack of books on my doorstep on Tuesday 19th January. The books were in pristine condition and couldn't have suited me better if I'd chosen them myself!!




A prime example of upcycling discarded items. Spotted on Aberffraw beach a while ago.


CONTACT THE SUPPORT GROUP – If you wish to have a say in the next newsletter, whether news items, pictures, policing issues or gripes, or if you wish to be removed from the circulation list, please email


On behalf of the Community Centre Support Group,

Alan Smith