The gradual return to some degree of normality continues. As of Monday 13th July, car parks have opened, and restrictions on outdoor hospitality have been eased. According to the Welsh Assembly, if all continues to go well, and businesses are able to demonstrate that they can operate safely indoors, pubs, bars and restaurants should reopen on August 3rd. (My own personal wish is for a cold pint of Peroni in the Crown beer garden on a hot day). The WI are finally able to stand back from their sewing machines as PPE is now filtering through to the NHS, and Jude Williams reports a gradual easing of her workload, although she is still shopping for people who don’t have the ability to order home deliveries. A word of caution however – now that holidaymakers are able to come to the Island from other parts of the UK, the need for observing the recommended precautions is more important than ever.

YMCC UPDATE from Cllr Bryan Owen

Far more positive news from the Two Sisters factory this week.

Over 300 workers have tested negative for Covid-19, two hundred plus have been self isolating and approximately 45 have not been tested. These individuals will not be allowed back to work and will be made redundant. However rumour has it that some workers have returned to Poland.

The factory had reopened for a couple of days so that the return- to-work training and new guidelines could be implemented , alongside Public Health Wales and HSE executives. The factory is now back in operation. Feedback from the Council is that the factory owners have been fully co-operative and are adhering to Government guidelines so that everyone can be confident that all staff can return to work safely with all the correct measures in place.

At the time of writing there were 381 cases of Covid-19 on Anglesey, 6 people are hospitalised with one patient in intensive care.

MALLTRAETH YMLAEN As reported in the last newsletter, Malltraeth Ymlaen ( MY), once more an active company, is currently still in limbo. The Chairman, Dafydd Jones and the other 9 directors who voted to close the company seem unwilling to resign. Their motives are unclear, and we have received no indication as to why they are not doing so, even though they have already indicated by their actions that they want no part of it. The MY bank account has been closed, and the funds raised by MY over many years – some £22,000 - have been transferred to the Community Centre Trustees, of which Dafydd is also Chairman. Meanwhile, the task of resuming the activities of Malltraeth Ymlaen – for which you voted - cannot proceed. Members of the Support Group, including the two directors who voted against closure are reluctantly having to explore ways of ending the stalemate. This is regrettable because it is a needless distraction from the task of managing the problems that we as a community are currently facing, and prevents us from moving forward. A sad state of affairs indeed!

MEDRWN MON UPDATE from Andrew Hughes, Chairman

Thank you for your e-mail this is a very difficult time we are going through at the moment. All information you require is at under COVID-19 information. The staff update weekly if required it’s an extensive overview of what we provide during this pandemic. Also on our web page you can request the monthly news letter. Some of Medrwn mon information has kindly been shared by Judith on Bodorgan Support Group Facebook page.

OUT & ABOUT from Philip Snow

Malltraeth's famous Osprey, Dinas ap Dyfi, who has been delighting us for over a month with thrilling dives after big fish, has finally 'flown the coop'! As a non-breeder, he is a natural roamer anyway, checking out fish-rich nesting areas for the future, so let's hope he returns next year. 

Here he is with a superb Atlantic Bass, and here's a sketch of a prospective Scottish fish-wife who also passed through recently, being seen on her way by xenophobic gulls and waders.



The Welsh Assembly has announced that, all being well, Community Centres will be allowed to open from July 20th. Rhosneigr and Llanfaelog are both set to open on August 4th , with others no doubt following soon after. You have probably heard on the news that Tafarn y Rhos reopened, and then was then forced to close for two weeks, as a result of one customer testing positive for Covid-19 when he went to work the following day. This may well alter the proposed timetable for Community Centres. Meanwhile, the Support Group has been approached by several groups to check availability of our Community Centre for various functions, and we asked the Trustees if they had any protocols in place for post-Covid gatherings & events.

Chris Rogers, Secretary of the Trustees has jnformed us that the Trustees have no current plans for opening the Centre. No reason for this has been given.

If we’re not careful, the groups who normally use our hall will start looking elsewhere, and the last thing we want now is reduced utilisation. Time is not on our side !

With this in mind, the Support Group is actively looking at Government guidelines for the safe management of such events and will present proposals to the Trustees at the earliest possible date. Safety is our priority. We have already expressed our willingness to help the Trustees in any way we can, but to date have received no response,

150 CLUB

Lack of Community events continues to restrict opportunities for signing up additional members. At the moment we’re hoping to hold the first draw in August, so the membership list is still open.

GRIPES ( 1 )

Philip Snow reports that NRW, (Natural Resources Wales ) have recently dismayed many of us by doing unnecessary fencing work on the edge of the forest and estuary. At the height of the breeding season for many birds, small mammals, lizards, flowers, butterflies and even protected species like Great Crested Newts, NRW contractors ripped out or crushed all manner of trees, bushes, and vegetation on which these creatures depend. This type of action would be illegal for any of us at this time of year, but for some reason NRW appear to be above that particular law.

Their stated purpose is “to ensure that the natural resources of Wales are sustainably maintained, enhanced and used

In reality however, NRW have frequently stated their desire to chop down as many trees in Newborough Forest as possible, ideally all of them. Forest wildlife is clearly not a priority. Their excuse for this fine example of ecological vandalism is – you’ve guessed it –Covid 19 !. 

GRIPES ( 2 )

From time to time, Malltraeth experiences a few days of extremely heavy agricultural traffic. Heavy tractors with large trailers pass through the village at considerable speed, often every 10 minutes, any time from 06.30am through to 10.00pm. As in any rural community, there is bound to be farm traffic on the roads, but the speed and frequency during these periods intense activity is alarming for people living next to the road, They believe that it’s an accident waiting to happen.


Alison Williams, our Community Police Officer, has nothing to report. No news is definitely good news. If you have any non-urgent matters to report, her mobile number is 07768 556199 and her email address is Mae'r cyfeiriad e-bost hwn wedi'i warchod rhag robotiaid sbam. Rhaid i chi alluogi JavaScript i'w weld.



If you wish to join the 150 Club, or have a say in the next newsletter – whether news items, policing issues or gripes, please email Mae'r cyfeiriad e-bost hwn wedi'i warchod rhag robotiaid sbam. Rhaid i chi alluogi JavaScript i'w weld.



On behalf of the Bodorgan Community Support Group,


Alan Smith