All of these photographs were provided by Cyril and Barbara Jones of Fron. Many thanks. We don't have a date for any of these photographs.


This is the oldest picture we have and it's obviously contrived, but interesting anyway!

Malltraeth contrived
Malltraeth Yard (yr Iard) - imagined!


The next two views were probably taken before WWI

Looking up High Street from the old bridge, before WWI. The trap pulled by a donkey was the taxi service to Llandwyn Island run by Richard Jones of Llandudno House, Malltraeth.
View from the old bridge of the Cefni. Is this the occasion of a church fête - there seems to be a tent in a garden on the left? Capel Sardis is just out of view to the left. 


Cefni River and milk delivery
A picture probably taken in 1907. Note the milk churn!



Malltraeth High Street between the wars. Anyone know who owned the car, registration number EY 2909?
Looking up the High Street
This is later than the previous photograph - there's now a craze for monkey puzzle trees and a telephone box in the village!


Post WWII and at last the High Street is tarmacadamed! Someone seems to have built a derrick outside the Joiner's Arms - what's going on? A posh Wolseley 4/44 parked on the right, lowly Morris Minor on the left.