All of these photographs were provided by Cyril and Barbara Jones of Fron. Many thanks.


These next pictures are of two terraces, opposite the present telephone exchange, which were demolished and new houses built in their place. This aerial photograph gives shows you the area we're looking at.

Shaded map
The shaded red area of this aerial view shows where the houses in the following photographs were



East demolished terrace
Looking west towards the chapel, the house on the left is the present cottage in front of Carrog Ceiliog Fawr; the houses to the right of the chapel have been demolished. The field in the foreground is now occupied by four bungalows



Old Terraces
This view is looking from the house next to the existing shop. We're looking from a point west of the main road up towards the chapel, and the range of houses to the right of the chapel has been demolished. The house in front of us has also been demolished; on the 1850 OS map this house is marked as Smy - a blacksmith's?



Mawsons 1910
The next three photographs show Mawson's shop on the lane running up to the chapel. They're shown in time order. This first photograph is of the Mawsons outside their shop in 1910. This terrace to the left, leading up to the chapel looks to be in good condition. From the article on Bethel in old maps maps we know this terrace was built between 1857 and 1899; the 1888 OS survey shows the terrace had been built by then. So these are fairly new buildings.
Mawsons after WWI
The Mawsons outside their shop again, probably sometime between the wars. Note the rendering flaking off the building to the left.


Mawson terr before demolition
The terrace with Mawson's shop in the foreground, perhaps just before demolition?



2nd old terrace
The next three photographs show the other demolished terrace, running down the hill, along the main road - in time order. First:1910: the house on the right is another shop - Pritchard's?


Mrs Pritchard
The shop owner outside her shop in 1910? 
The next two photographs probably show this terrace just before demolition. The slates on the roofs of these houses are very small, the sort usually pinned with one nail - or more usually an oak peg - which suggests that these houses were over one hundred years' old. One of the roofs has been dressed with lime because the slates are starting to slip. The sign on Pritchard's shop has been removed.


Old Terr South


Old Bethel 9
So where did all the rubble from these demolished houses go? On the west side of the main road, where the present village shops stands, the 1857 map shows a rock. The rock was quarried for making china and then the rubble from the demolished houses was used to fill in the quarry! Harold and Dorothy Mawson built Bethel stores on the in-filled quarry. 
One last view, and we don't know who gave us this, but it's of Bethel, taken from the bottom of the hill looking up at the old terrace of houses on the right. Today's surgery is to the left of the telegraph pole. We think this is circa 1940.


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