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Miscellaneous Information:

If you're asking about hiring the hall for a function, the hiring fees are given below. Just let us know what dates and times you want and we'll get back to you, as follows.


Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see whether the room you require is available.

If the room is available you will be sent a booking form which you can complete and send back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., which will then be acknowledged.

Many Thanks.


Hire the Hall!



Charity No – 700192


Tal Hurio/Hire Fees

O Ebrill/From April 2020 -


Gogyfer a Sesiwn dwy awr/For a two hour session

Dydd Llun – Dydd Gwener/Monday - Friday.

I grwpiau ac unigolion lleol i Fodorgan/Individuals or groups local to Bodorgan - £18.00

Sadwrn/Saturday - £25

Holl Bartion/All parties - £30. Sat/Sun £40 (up to 4 hours)

Grwpiau ac unigolion eraill/Other groups and individuals -£10/hour.

Trefniadau Arbennig/Special Arrangements
Gall grwpiau a unigolion ymestyn sesiwn tu hwnt i ddwy awr trwy gytundeb ar pwyllgor rheoli ond bydd isafswm y gost yn o leiaf £25 Lleol, £30 arall.

Groups and individuals may extend a session beyond two hours by agreement with the management committee but at a minimum cost of £25 local, £30 other.

Community Bingo - £18.00/Any other Bingo £30.

Guide price £9/hour-Local groups: Non Bodorgan £10/hour

Commercial hire rate - £14/hour.


Clwb Cinio yr henoed/Pensioners lunch club - £2-50 *

Cyfarfod y prynhawn yr henoed/Pensioners afternoon meetings - £2-50 *

[* cap o 25 ceiniog y pen/cap of 25 pence/head]

[Os bydd dau gyfarfod yr henoed ar yr un prynhawn, un taliad fydd yn bodoli]

[Should there be two pensioners meetings on the same afternoon, one fee shall apply.]


Bingo i godi arian i gymdeithas tu allan i ardal Bodorgan

Bingo to raise funds for an organisation outside of Bodorgan -£40

Ni all unrhyw grŵp is-osod unrhyw ran o’r cyfleusterau yn cynnwys y gegin

No group may sub let any of the facilities including the kitchen


Dim offer i’w storio heb ganiatâd/No Equipment to be stored without consent.

Defnyddwyr i fod yn gyfrifol am unrhyw ddifrod i ddodrefn neu offer.
Users will be responsible for any damage to furniture or equipment.


Hoffai’r pwyllgor rheoli eich sicrhau fod y ffioedd uchod yn hollol angenrheidiol i sicrhau dyfodol y ganolfan.

The management committee wish to assure you that the above fees are necessary to ensure the future of the centre.