Minutes of the Bodorgan Community Council Meeting

Tuesday evening, 17 January, 2017

Present: G. Looms (c), D G Jones, A M Hughes, G O Davies, G. Burns, J Hughes, G Evans, S Willlams, CyngJ P Rogers

1 Apologies: M Davies, W Griffiths, Cllr. And Griffiths

2 Declare interest - nobody

3 Minutes of the January 2017 Meeting - approval / issues arising.

Police - the issues and concerns are still going on, Police are still visiting the location as there are problems additional has arisen. AMH has had a conversation with Jason Higgins, Police Officer To discuss the way the people in these flats talking to the public disrespectfully, the feeling of AMH is the seed of the Police perform as they should.

DGJ - The PCSO's do not have the authority to deal much with the issues.

Cllr, P Rogers - encourage the community council to let the County Council know about its concerns and ask them to deal with this person who is the opponent of the people.

Cemetery Fees - now the new fees have come into force, a clerk has sent the new prices to the local undertakers.

Modernizing Schools - DGJ has sent a letter to Christy Williams and a copy for Emrys Bebb, Christy Williams is not one to respond.

Plot Llyr Davies - agreed to pay a clerk's 'standing order' to send him the form.

The minutes were received correctly by AMH and succeeded by GE,

4 Payments: Clerk's Salary £260 (two months),

Receipts: Final Precept 2016/17 £2,666.67, Website Grant £500, R Hughes and Son £196

(late A E Barton), R Hughes and Son £150 (stone setting)

5 Correspondence from the Council Sir Ynvs Mon: for information

Executive Committee forward program January-August 2017.

Community / Town Council Orders 2017/18 Precept, discussed and agreed I precept code of £8,350

Standards Committee Selection Panel - vacancy / casual.

Town / Community Council Elections 2017 - election costs information whether contestants are in the election or not.

6 Correspondence of External Agencies - for information

Urdd Gobaith Cymru - request for an alternative donation

Mon CF - Play area maintenance information

Independent Panel for Wales on Financial Remuneration - met 26.1,17 in Llandudno

One Dais Cymru - notice of meeting 19/01/2017 in Llangefni

Clerks and Councils Direct, January 2017 issue

7 Planning Councils

15C08 - Full application for the change of use of the external building to a dwelling along with modification and expansion and the creation of a change of entrance for cars in Dryll, Bodorgan - the application was discussed and there were no issues to be reported to the planning department.

8 Planning Decisions

15C107E/VAR-Cae Mawr, Bodorgan - Permission to amend conditions

15C164C-Rejected - full application for the construction of an annex together with the related work of the Town Hall, Maltraeth.

15C205B/MIN - Permit - these are changes to an arrangement that has previously been subject to permission planning 15C205, Llwyn Onn, Llangadwaladr,

9 Feedback from the County Councillor

The Cllr did not have P Rogers nothing ambiguous, he informed that the County Council has been working on the budget.

Footpath, Bethel - still whining at the County Council for them to set aside funding to do the work, having discussed with the County Council and it is hoped that artan will do the work in the next financial year, 2017/18.

10 Bodorgan Community Council website

Clerk had a chat with Neil Summers To compile the web site. Neil Summers has informed the clerk that the name, address of the councillors, full contact information of the clerk is subject to the site. Front page of the site, photo of the Center - GLI send to the clerk. The Council's agenda, minutes and finances will be shared. It is hoped that the website will be up and running by the end of April, 2017.

11 Any Other Matters

The condition of the Ion near Tan Lan, Bethel, standing water on the Ion, work has been / is being done, the work has / is not being done To a good standard. Cllr, P Rogers for writing to the Highways department to draw attention to the standard of work here.

GE - Plot 9 - there is a gate in the upper field and a gate has been placed on the lower field gate, is there a right of way through both gates? GE To discuss the matter with the Bodorgan Estate.

DGJ - Is the caravan that is parked there legally in Malltraeth? AMH for asking the county council.

Waste Management-AMH - has a concern regarding the new actions policy.

Interest in this point was declared by Cllr, P. Rogers and he gave feedback that the trolley system is successful and that the council's recycling targets have shot up.

AMH felt that the routes the council now has are suitable for so much re-circulation. Code of Conduct - The Council is aware of the new 'code of conduct' and therefore this policy was adopted at tonight's meeting, 17/01/2017 Finance Sub-Committee - a meeting was held before tonight's meeting with AMH, DGJ and the clerk present. The things that need to be done have been identified, and when these have been fixed the council's financial system will be close to what it should be. • Accounts - clerk To be sent) John Roberts • Need to register with HMRC • Click 1 to register 'self register employee deductions from salary' • Register with VAT in order to be able to claim the VAT in 61.

11 Next Meeting Date 21st March, 2017