Capel Sardis Chapel


Capel Sardis Chapel was opened in 1860 as a Welsh Calvanistic Methodist Capel,extended in 1890, and is still in use today for the same purpose.  It was originally built, with an adjacent chapel house with stables attached with a  vestry on the first floor, which was used for meetings, concerts and numerous other events. Sadly, the stables and the first floor vestry, or 'lloft capel' as it was known locally, had to be demolished in 1991/92.           


Manylion Gwasanaeth/Services.
Pob Sul - Gwasanaeth Hwyr am 5-30.
(every Sunday - service at 5-30pm.)

Ysgol Sul am ddau yn y prynhawn.
(Sunday School - 2pm).

Digwyddiadau Eraill/Other Events.


Nos Sul/Sunday 24 Gorffenaf/July 2011 -8pm Cymanfa Gannu/Singing Festival.